Sahara Smoke SS5 (1 hose) Shaft

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27 inch Aluminum SS5 shaft from Sahara Smoke. Tray included.

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Sahara Smoke SS5 (1 hose) Hookah

High caliber hookah stem or light saber heel? The 27" Sahara Smoke SS5 hookah is one of their newest addition to their ever going hookah collection, and this set up is unlike anything they've released in the past.

Included items:
  • SS5 Shaft
  • SS5 Black Tray

Machined To Perfection

The SS5 hookah features a shaft that is crafted from 100% aero-grade aluminum, providing a smooth finish with a solid feel. This high quality metal is rust resistant and displays a long lasting color. Throughout the exterior of the stem you'll find deep and precise engravings, from smooth cylindrical lines to fine crosshatching around the central hub. The SS5 is machine built for consistent quality and it features multiple threaded components for an ease in cleaning and storing. It's mean, bold, and guaranteed to turn some heads once you fire it up.

Diffuser Sonic Sahara

SS5 Features and Optional Add-ons

Diffuser Sonic Sahara Diffuser Sonic Sahara

If you prefer a rumble free session with the SS5, you can toss on the Sahara Sonic diffuser for the smoothest smoke possible with a whisper quiet rumble. As the compliments begin to roll in about your new setup you may want to add some more metal to this piece, and we could only recommend checking out the Sahara Scorpion hose because the combination looks amazing together.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.


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"Product Review: Sahara Smoke SS5 Stem"
Alan Melamed on Monday, August 13, 2018 12:02:11 PM

I purchased this stem in replacement of my aging Sahara Smoke Nar Stem - - - note that Sahara Smoke DOES NOT make the Nar Stem anymore so in spite of wanting a new Nar stem for my Sahara Smoke Dragon hookah, it was not available so I went with the SS5 as I wanted to stick with my Sahara Smoke hookah - It's a few solid pieces of aluminum and it feels good and reasonably heavy as heavy as aluminum can be - Also note that if you purchased the glass smoke chamber to go with your Nar Stem, it is NOT COMPATIBLE with the new SS5 stem as I discovered - Despite the misgivings I had with the SS5 stem, it is a good stem and does what it is supposed to do - Note that the body of the SS5 stem is smaller than the Nar body and the purge valve seems to be of better quality, so while it has some minuses to my eyes, it also boasts some features that the Nar Stem did not offer - All in all, if you like your Sahara Smoke hookah and your Nar stem is not looking as you might like, this is an acceptable substitute and should serve you for many years to come -

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