Deezer Villain Stainless (1 hose) Hookah

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Configure: Deezer Villain Stainless (1 hose) Hookah

27" Deezer Villain in a matte black coat with a bubbled base design.

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Deezer Villain Hookah

  • Modern, matte black stem
  • Height: 27"
  • Included washable hose and aluminum Vortex bowl
  • Includes our standard free gifts as noted below
The villainous Villain Hookah is here to do villainy things. This is one of the tallest out their collection stand at a little over 27" but the flat bottom glass base provides a sturdy support during your session. The segmented shaft reminds us of the B2, but this hookah is not adjustable in height. The Villain has a side kick in this this setup and it's the metal vortex bowl. Allow the bowl to cool down shortly after your session before removing it from the hookah. 


* 50g Box of shisha
* Choice of natural coconut coals
* Foil pack
* Tongs
* Cleaning brush

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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"Not Impressed"
Richard Reynolds on Sunday, December 30, 2018 10:17:39 PM

Bought my Deezer hookah about 6 months ago and I must say for such an expensive hookah I am NOT impressed - First the metal collar on the bowl is not held on well at all - I had to reglue the metal piece on just 2 weeks after buying it - The catch tray is very small and despite its thickness it is in fact quite flimsy - With a screw on stem I would expect a tight fit that doesnt wabble at all but this thing is kind of scary as each piece wiggles - Glass of the bowl is showing signs of small stress cracks - And today while cleaning the stem the bottom most piece that actually goes in to the water cracked along the threads due to how thin the metal is - Also the rubber hose that it comes with is very thin, so thin in fact it kinks way too easily - I have had several hookahs over the years as well as working at more than one hookah lounge - My advise is simple - DO NOT BUY THIS HOOKAH - It looks pretty it smokes well at first but long term it wont hold up - Spare yourself and buy a Mya, Khalil or Egyptian and save money while doing it -

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