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BYO Taurus (1 Hose) Hookah

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24" Taurus hookah package from BYO available in multiple colors.

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BYO Taurus Hookah

  • Available in Black Blue - Red - Green - Purple - Rose Gold
  • 24" Tall
  • Included washable hose
  • Included phunnel bowl
  • Twist-to-lock base design
Ooohhwee! Check out the curves on Taurus everybody, but not all at once. BYO hookahs keeps the space theme going with the Taurus model and features a smooth aluminum exterior like the Orion, Challenger, and Apollo.

The bases equipped with these shafts are awesome, they features a trumpet style design with a slick reflective edge. Taurus may look tall from the flared shaft but it stands at 24" which is pretty standard in our book. As you scroll through the color options you'll notice all of the accessories match nicely, and the included hose is 100% washable for several sessions.

  • 50g Box of shisha
  • 1 Box or roll of hookah coals
  • Foil pack
  • Tongs
  • Cleaning brush
Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for BYO Taurus (1 Hose) Hookah is 100 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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Majed Kassab on Saturday, April 13, 2019 8:53:02 PM

Perfect hookah

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"Overall im happy -"
Steven Killen on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 3:43:48 PM

Just arrived on friday and today is tuesday - Right out of the box i was a little disappointed that it had a very small air leak where the metal is attached to the base - This is a twist lock style hookah that doesnt use a rubber grommet to attach to the base, and is a very solid lock - No worries about picking it up and moving it or the stem attaching crooked as with just a grommet fit - Finish is perfect, and it smokes very nice even with the slight air leak - I plan on running a bead of automotive rtv silicone sealant around it to seal it 100% - It came with a unglazed Egyptian bowl and a glazed funnel bowl - I have only used the funnel bowl, and while it seems shallow, it is fantastic! This is my first quality hookah and i couldnt be happier! I highly recommend the natural coals, over the quick lites - - - there is a huge difference! The hose is washable, however it still has some flavor retentionghosting - I plan on buying some silicone hose and replacing the plastic, 'wire loom' style hose by just sliding it off the hose adapter and mouth piece - The purge works great, being that the bead is made of glass, not cheap plastic, or metal that will corrode -

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews for BYO Taurus (1 Hose) Hookah
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