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Pharaoh`s Katalyst Elite Shaft (1 Hose)

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Configure: Pharaoh's Katalyst Elite (1 hose) Hookah Shaft

Machine made shaft from aircraft-grade aluminum featuring a built-in diffuser and adjustable height.

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Pharaoh's Katalyst Elite Hookah Stem

  • CNC machined modular hookah stem
  • Made from high quality aluminum
  • Rust resistant (with proper care)
  • Easily customizable with a variety of accessories
  • Built in diffuser!

Well, look at who's kicking it up a notch in the style department and sprinkling a little flavor in the customization section. The new Katalyst shaft from Pharaoh's features a CNC body, which means it was crafted to perfection by an expensive machine so you should expect solid coloring with precision cut-outs. Speaking of cut-outs, check out the mid shaft section of this piece, this exterior portion is aluminum as well, but that honeycomb design is sleek and removable. Why would it need to be removed? To clean it easier and also to customize it with different color Katalyst shaft cases. (coming soon)

The use of aluminum over stainless steel provides you with lighter hookah but it's still rust resistant with proper care. You can use any style of bowl in your cabinet because the Kayalsyst features a traditional bowl port but it will require an ash tray when it comes time to freshen up your coals.

Katalyst Elite Shaft Features

You have quite a few options when it comes time to set your Katalyst shaft for a smoke session. The downstem can be removed for easy cleaning, but it can also be replaced with a longer downstem (included) for taller bases and vice versa for short setups. Your hose port can utilize a silicone hose without a heel tip on the included extended hose port. Not using a silicone hose? No worries! You can unscrew that extended portion of the hose port so you can use it with standard hoses as well.

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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Pharaoh's Katalyst Elite (1 hose) Hookah Shaft is 100 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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Victor Massey on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 2:51:08 PM

I just got it smoking, the stem looks great - Does not come with ash trey so you need to buy the one for this at pharaoh's site 14$ - A km one fits okay just slides around a little - There's a small air leak in the hose port because it screws on but it does not effect it really, i get huge clouds with this one

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"A must buy"
Raphi H on Friday, September 21, 2018 6:03:40 PM

The item is machine made as explained - Perfect edges, corners and threads all around - Looks much better in person than in the photos - Fits both the pharaohs vase and the KM vases if you have one laying around like I did - The smoke production and build quality is the best you will find under 300 bucks - It has a smooth draw, but it isn't airy and light as with glass hookahs - The threaded diffuser is also a nice touch which keeps the hookah quiet and doesn't accumulate the smells of tobacco water as with other plastic add on diffusers - 10/10 - Look no further, this is the one if you're spending under 300 -

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews for Pharaoh's Katalyst Elite (1 hose) Hookah Shaft
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