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Prestige Coconut Cube Coals 1kg

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Configure: Prestige Cube Coconut Hookah Coals (72 Pieces)

72 pieces of cube shaped Prestige hookah coals

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Prestige Coco Coals Cube 1kg

The original Prestige Coco coals have returned with new packaging and the same great quality. This 72 piece box will give you enough heat for 24-36 hookah sessions. Prestige coals are created with the use of all natural coconut husk and provide a strong source of heat through out your session. These cube size charcoal pieces are 25mm across all sides and arrive evenly cut.

How-To Light Prestige Coals

The Prestige Coco coals are natural and will require a coal heater to get your session started. Your hookah session will require 2-3 piece of cube charcoal, and they should be placed evenly on your burner with space between each piece. Allow 5-6 minutes before flipping the charcoal and letting it burn until your charcoal is fully cooked.

A Message From Prestige

Our highest aim with Prestige Coals is to bring a consistent experience to our customers to truly deliver peace of mind during a hookah session.

After 6 years in the industry, Prestige Bubbles is proud to present the new and improved line of Prestige Coco Coals to hookah enthusiasts all around the world.Prestige Coco Coals are designed specifically so that you don't have to struggle with heat control on your hookah.

The consistent heat output and minimal ash make it so you can relax and socialize, worry free.After introducing the large 25 mm Cube to the market, Prestige is now here with a new size, Jumbo Flats, a 25 x 25 x 18 mm coal. Both sizes are clean burning, odorless, tasteless, have absolutely no chemical additives, and will maintain a consistent red glow, never turning off.

Prestige Coals truly delivers a tranquil experience with incredibly consistent and reliable heat, while still maintaining the position of one of the longest lasting charcoals on the market. Stop struggling with hookah coals. Experience relaxation the way you deserve.
Note: You must be 21 years of age to purchase this product.
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"Prestigious Coals"
Shpree Gray on Sunday, December 23, 2018 5:54:54 AM

Dat aint a typo - I've been a fan of these coals for awhile now - I mostly use them for long tangiers sessions - They're a medium heat coal for some shisha it can be very low - You can pack your bowl to the brim and throw 3 cubes 2 in a provost/lotust on and have a good time with no scorching -

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