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Azure Black Line Super Pack- 3 x 250g

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3 x 250g bags of Dark Leaf Tobacco Azure

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Azure Black Line Super Pack

Here's your chance to stock up on some of the new Azure Black Line flavors and save. This super pack allows you to choose up to three 250g flavors that will arrive in resealable pouches.

How-To Prepare Azure Tobacco

The 250g pouch contains a fine cut tobacco that performs best with a quick squeeze to the outer bag, mixing up the juice content.

Afterwards, fill your bowl to just under the rim line with a sprinkling pack method. Tap the shisha down slightly and add more with a sprinkle if a stronger smoke session is desired. We didn't feel the need to dense pack this like a bowl of Tangiers, but we won't steer you away from anything that's working for you.

Azure Black Line Flavor Descriptions

Bengal Citrus - Did someone ask for some real citrus flavor?
Bermuda Mint - According to John in the warehouse this stuff is strong. Powerful mint just a touch will do for mixing.
Cactus Blast - This mango and pineapple blend offers a refreshing smoke
Cairo Crypt Tonight - One bold combination of cherry and mint
California Blue - Fresh blueberries get the support of mint
Chai Masala - Spiced chai with tea notes
Cinnamon Cookies - There's no crunch but the cookie is real
Cosmos - "We're gonna guess cosmos but don't quote us"
Cool Cucumber (HS Exclusive) - An exclusive flavor that you'll only find here, this blend of crisp cucumber with a refreshingly cool exhale is the perfect summer flavor!
Dubai Apple - A modern twist on the class flavor of Double Apple
Grapemania - A crazy amount of grapes sitting on mints
Grow A Pear - You get it. It's pear!
Lemon Muffin - A citrus twist on the Blueberry formula; mix them for a Lemon Blueberry Muffin
Life's A Peach - This juicy peach shisha will be sure to sweeten up your bowls
Mango Cheesecake - The sweet flavor of Mango combined with the creamy, dessertiness of cheesecake!
Matcha Mint - Earthy green tea merges with cooling mint!
Melon King - Honey dew and mint with a secret fruit blend.
Moroccan Tea - This glass of green tea comes with a couple spoons of honey
Napa Grape - A straight to the point flavor rush of bold purple grape.
Orange My Guava - Sweet orange with a little spice with a bright surprise of ripe guava
Pep Cream - Creamy vanilla with sweet peppermint
Pomegranate - A single note pomegranate flavor is the main focus of this shisha tobacco
Royal Citrus - An orange and lemon zest mix that is sure to leave you feeling like royalty
San Diego Sunset - Take a step back before cracking open this citrus pineapple blend
Strawberry Guava - Sweet strawberry mixed with guava that offers a unique smoking experience
Strawberry Passion - The strawberry blends continue with this awesome combination featuring passion fruit.
Sweet Summer Sun - Creamy blend that instantly reminds us of cereal
Ultra Violet -- A little floral with a touch of fruit makes this an ultra mix.
Unicorn - We haven't opened this one yet but in their words "This flavor is so tasty and cool, you will feel mythical"
Viva La Horchata - You guessed it....Horchata
Watermelon - The classic flavor of sweet watermelon

Note: You must 21 years of age or older to order this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Azure Black Line 250g Super Pack is 100 of 100 based on 5 Reviews
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"Azure is killing it"
Adam Milnes on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 3:41:10 AM

I've really fell in love with Azure over the last couple years - Their quality seems very consistent, flavors are very well done, and quality of the tobacco is spot on - I used to mainly smoke Tangiers and recently they have been taking a back seat to Azure - Awesome product!

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"Azure Shisha"
Shawnn Covington on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 11:54:53 PM

Very good quality Shisha, although the strawberry passion flavor was really not good at all but that's just my opinion and the bags don't really close all the way so they keep leaking I may have got a dud bag but it's still very inconvenient! the other flavors I got are good but I definitely wouldn't reorder the flavors I purchased

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"Azure Royal Citrus, Bermuda Mint, California Blue - Black Line"
Daniel Partridge on Thursday, January 17, 2019 8:52:27 PM

Royal Citrus Alone, the flavor is almost Misty with tones of orange and lemon, not as strong as I thought it would be - Bermuda Mint Very nice and sweet, as well as strong, excellent flavor all over - California Blue Supposed to be a blueberry and mint flavor, and in fact is, but less on mint - Overall all of these flavors individually have their plus and minus points, however I have discovered that these taste MUCH better when mixed - 50% California Blue, 45% Royal Citrus, 5% Bermuda Mint - I packed into a phunnel, 2 coals - I blended then repacked semi-dense - Tastes great -

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"middle of the road"
Erin Tindle-Clayton on Monday, December 10, 2018 10:19:02 AM

so far I've tried unicorn, horchata, mango cheesecake, & lemon muffin - I used a lotus kaloud bowl and heat mgmt system with charco flare coals - unicorn is far too minty for my taste, horchata is just meh, mango cheesecake is missing the cheesecake and the lemon muffin is just lemon - I'm gonna keep on trying though till I've tried them all

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Adam Milnes on Thursday, June 21, 2018 6:52:09 AM

4 - 4/5 I grade on a C average Having just killed 3x 250g packs of Azure I can say that the flavors are fantastic - Being an avid Tangiers smoker I decided to try something new and wasn't disappointed at all - Longevity and flavor retention is great, product is not super heat sensitive, only downsides I can give is the buzz isn't as strong which can be a plus for some people and that the flavors are very strong taste wise similar to some trifecta dark leaf and even mixing 1/4 of a flavor in a bowl with something else will over power the other flavor - Unicorn: tastes like blueberry with a nice mint blended in Earl grey lazy to look up actual name: Light tea flavor with heavy fruit that tends to be more lemony than bergamot - Chai: Super creamy chai tea flavor that is very pronounced - This is by far my favorite chai flavor and I've most of them - Long story short if you're a trifecta dark leaf fan or a tangiers fan, this is something you should seek out -

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