Pharaoh's Universal Hookah Shaft Brush

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38 inch flexible cleaning brush for the shaft of your hookah

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Pharaoh's Universal Stem Brush

The Pharaoh's universal stem brush has a unique design that makes it easier to clean all of your different hookahs! Instead of a rigid metal handle on the brush, the Pharaoh's brush features a 4 inch long and 1 inch wide cleaning brush attached to a long string. On the other end of the string is a small weight that allows you to drop the string through the stem of your hookah and pull it out the other side. This feature allows this brush to be used on almost any hookah that we carry. 

The tough, yet flexible bristles scrub the inside of the stem, removing all of the residue and juice from your last hookah session, ensuring that your hookah stays fresh and clean!

This Pharaoh's universal hookah shaft brush measures an approximate 38 inches in length.

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