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Phoenix Hookah HMD Upgrade Package

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One of the tastiest smoking experience can be yours with a new bowl and charcoal.

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Phoenix HMD Upgrade Package

The Phoenix HMD is very versistale HMD that can be enjoy with the use of traditional bowls and lipped bowls. You can sit this device right on top of your shisha or above your foil and receive a super clean taste without any ASH. The upgrade package that you are looking at today includes:
  • 1x Phoenix HMD
  • 1x Premium hookah bowl from Alpaca
  • 1x Kg of Cocobrico coals

Phoenix Heat Management Device

The Phoenix heat management device is a revolutionary take on HMDs that we all know and love. For starters, The Phoenix is the first and only "phunnel" concept design HMD on the market.With its patented design, this phunnel HMD allows for the use of up to 4 cubed charcoal with no fitment issues, however, due to the way it conducts heat, we don't see you using more than 2 or 3 cubes per session.

Ok great!? There's more interior room, what else does the Phoenix HMD do? Since the bottom of the HMD is one complete piece with no slits or holes, it conducts heat better and transfers heat faster into your bowl.

Faster start up times and no ash contaminating your tobacco for a more pure enjoyable session, sounds good right? Well, add to it that you can actually preheat this device because it's crafted out of 6061-T1 aerospace grade Aluminum. The Phoenix HMDis crafted from a single piece of aluminum and doesn't require assembly.

Phoenix HMD 2.0 Features

We will be stocking the latest version of the Phoenix, which means you get to enjoy the new updates that they've just implemented.
  • Works with any size bowl
  • Deeper design cut out for a cleaner look
  • New lid design prevents sticking
  • You won't get ash inside your bowl during your session....ever
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"You'll never go back"
Paul on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 7:51:24 PM

This upgrade to my already excellent hookah is like adding KD to the Golden State Warriors - I hate to use this analogy but it's true - Pros: The funnel or phunnel style bowl makes it so you can't pack a bad bowl even if you tried - No need to delicately place every shred of shisha like other bowl styles - Perfect size bowl -not too big, not too small - The heating/airflow design between both the bowl and HMD are a match made in heaven - 3 Lotus cut CocoBrico coals will cook your shisha evenly and to completion - When the coals are done, your shisha is done - Easy cleanup - Pro tips: Use the lid in the beginning to get it hot faster, then you can take it off or else the hits may get too hot - When your clouds get thin towards the end of your sisha's life, throw the lid back on to get the HMD & bowl hotter so you can get real clouds out of your last few pulls - Cons: If you're still reading this, it means you still don't have one yet - Shame on you -

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