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Apple Doppio Starbuzz Bold - Staff Pick

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"I don't like double apple but why did I buy a kilo of this?"

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Apple Doppio Reviewed By SmokeorPASS

WHO IS SMOKING DOUBLE IN THE OFFICE! I scream this often at the warehouse because I have strong feelings about the "Double Apple" craze that has been present within the hookah culture since the beginning of time. I'm really just not a fan of the taste or smell of straight dub apple. I would probably prefer the scent of burning carpet over a bowl of double apple sitting next to me.

Now that I've given you a quick peak at my hatred towards double apple, let me tell you about one of my favorite flavors that happens to be a double apple blend. Wait, what? I know.

Apple Doppio is apart of the Starbuzz Bold collection which means there's a heavy emphasis on the flavor strength and juiciness of the cut. You can definitely smell the anise tone in the mix which initially pumped the brakes on my path to trying this flavor. On the second sniff I realized it's over powered by a sweetness that I haven't tasted in other blend, it's very decadent with a warm spice vibe.

Once you have it in your bowl the sweetness comes straight through into your bowl with power and the double apple taste is present but never feels like the focus of the flavor. My mind went crazy trying to deal with the fact that I had fallen in love with a double apple flavor. As someone who hates double apple this mix was so delicious it ended up being the only kilo purchase I made in 2018.

The unique crisp taste and spices hidden within this flavor makes it easy to use in custom blends. I like to use Pure Cherry and Starbuzz Bold White Mint with Doppio: 45% - 45% - 10% put the cherry on top.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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