Sahara Smoke Dusk (1 hose) Hookah

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Sahara Smoke Hookahs - 24 inch tall Dusk Model

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Sahara Smoke Dusk Hookah Description

Scientists tried to find out where the sun went at night, then it dawned on them.

At last we have the 24" inch Sahara Smoke Dusk hookah. This hookah features a gorgeous unique green handmade glass base. That along with its helix style stem will make this hookah a sight to behold. Coupled with the wide bore downstem this hookah will smoke like there's no tomorrow!

Sahara Smoke Dusk Accessories

In order to start the perfect session you're going to need a bowl, and this hookah comes with a authentic Sahara Smoke Vortex bowl. This bowl is not only easy to load but it contains multiple air channels to evenly cook your bowl. The center spire houses theses channels, so make sure to keep them free of blockage. You can't have the first pull without a hose and Sahara once again has you covered with a washable silicone hose. Never again will you have to dedicate a hose to a particular flavor; giving this hose a quick rinse in between sessions will rid the hose of any strong flavor profiles. 


* One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
* One box of natural hookah charcoal
* Vortex hookah bowl
* Washable hookah hose
* Foil pack
* Tongs
* Cleaning brush

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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