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Zomo Tobacco World Experience - 250g - Blonde Leaf

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Unique flavor trips from around the world with barreled aged blonde leaf tobacco.

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Zomo Tobacco World Experience 250g

Pack your bags it's time to take a trip around the world and the Zomo team will be playing the role of the pilot. The World Experience collection is a step in a different direction from their dark leaf line, as these user friendly blends can be enjoy by just about everyone.

Each 250g jar contains a blend of 3 or more flavor profiles expertly picked with inspiration from popular destinations. The flavors are designed and crafted in Paraguay, where they've established a serious following.

How-to Prepare Zomo Tobacco

These blends produce a rich and delicious aroma but we have to caution you not to eat the tobacco. This blonde leaf blend can be used in style of hookah bowl in your cabinet, and beginners should have no problem getting the session started. During our sessions we used 3 flatsnatural charcoal for a cloudy session, and 2-3cubes for the dense packed bowls. To get the most of this 250g you can get a way with a standard sprinkle pack to fill your bowl, and if you want that session to last longer just pack in a little more tobacco. Our foil session surprised us with the duration of flavor and strength of the blend profile.

Zomo Flavor Descriptions

  • Acai Cream - Exotic sweet acai berry blended with creamy vanilla
  • Amaze Mint - Straight to the point ice cold natural mint taste with a sweet background
  • Bahamas Twist - Ripe blueberry with cooling mint
  • Cancun - Inspired by the rainbows over Cancun. Candied citrus and fruit. 
  • Dragon Wall - Asian Pear with a lovely touch of mint and peach
  • Havana Style- Zomo takes the traditional Mojito blend to a new level with this mix
  • Kiwi Lemon - Sweet tropical fruit sensation meets the tartness of lemon
  • Miami Nights - Get jiggy with mango & orange while more flavorful surprises come through
  • Mystery Of Bali - Have you ever tasted a passion fruit with bright banana flavoring? Now you can!
  • Passion Fruit Mint - Tropical passion fruit with cooling mint
  • Secret of Babylon - A secret combination of tropical fruit and honeydew
  • Swiss Alps - The frigid spearmint air of the alps sent straight to your bowl
  • Watermelon Mint - Powerful watermelon flavor that might've receive some tasty help from other melon notes
Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Zomo Tobacco World Experience is 100 of 100 based on 3 Reviews
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"Great Smoke"
Marion Wine on Thursday, November 5, 2020 7:41:14 AM

Awesome flavor and long lasting!

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"Wow! Wow! Wow!"
Ivana on Friday, May 15, 2020 11:32:20 AM

I wanted to try something after smoking Al-Fakher tobacco for many years so I decided to try Zomo - Wasn't expecting much at first, but after trying it - - - WOW!!! The flavours were delicious and for once I found a tobacco that smelt exactly as it tasted! Burns really well, large smoke and tastes amazing! I tried many many flavours and here is my review of each - Miami Nights - one of my favourites! Tastes like a tropical cocktail with a subtle minty undertone - The mint is more like a spearmint gum taste and not chemically like some of al fakher mint flavours - Definitely recommend others to try this! Babylon - my 2nd favourite! Tastes like you are taking a bite out of a honey dew melon - If you ever had a Melona Melon ice cream bar, this tastes exactly like that - Also has a subtle minty undertone that is very refreshing but not too strong! Highly recommend anyone who wants to try a new flavour to get this! Would not disappoint! Passionfruit with Mint - this one was disappointing - Was expecting more passionfruit flavour but it ended up being more minty than fruity - Was okay to smoke but I probably won't order this flavour again - Bahamas Twist - if you like Al-Fakher blueberry mint, then you will really like this flavour - It has a strong blueberry meets grape popsicle kind of flavour with a subtle mint undertone - I wasn't too big of a fan of it -

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"ZO - - - MG"
Nick Holtmeyer on Monday, January 27, 2020 9:32:12 PM

I bought on a whim looking to try something different and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much - I ordered 4 different flavors of the 50MG and I got to tell you - - - this stuff is the real deal! Every flavor has been really enjoyable not a heavy buzz shisha but it’s enough for a good light session - Every flavor so far seems to have a menthol mint flavor which makes this product different in my mind - It handles heat pretty good I use my kloud lotus with 2-3 coals and it does perfectly fine - I will be for sure ordering more in the future - Flavors I’ve tried ranked in my favorite order but honestly you can’t go wrong! 1 - Water melon mint -Winner winner chicken dinner! candy water melon flavor with a light mint 2 - Bahama twist idk what’s in this this was the first one I tried out if the 4 - - - It’s got like a grape or berry flavor with mint and maybe light floral notes? Solid flavor tho - 3 - havana style minty mojito 4 - Mystery of Bali - the mintiest out of the four - Fruity pear menthol mint!

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