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Pharaoh`s Pulse Glass Hookah Base

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Sleek glass base options from Pharaoh's hookahs that include an LED light. Compatible with multiple hookah styles.

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Pharaoh's Pulse Base Details

Ember Base:
  • Opening Diameter: 2"
  • Total Height: 12"
  • Interior Height: 10"
  • Bottom Diameter: 7"
Spark Base:
  • Opening Diameter: 2"
  • Total Height: 12"
  • Interior Height: 10"
  • Bottom Diameter: 6"

Pharaoh's Pulse Glass Hookah Bases

We fell in love with the Pharaoh's Glass Hookah Bases as soon as we saw them, but now Pharaoh's has released their new "Pulse" hookah bases, and oh boy, they are a treat. On the outside, they look like fairly standard glass bases with a variety of color options, but they're nothing too crazy right? WRONG!

With each Pharaoh's Pulse base you'll notice a raised indent at the bottom of each base. This is because you receive a color changing LED light with a wireless remote with this hookah, and if you just turn on that LED and place it under the base, you'll experience an explosion of vibrant color and trippy light refraction that'll make these bases look like something from outer space. Folks, these bases are WILD. We particularly enjoy using them for our nighttime smoke sessions to really make the color pop.

And with two styles of bases (Ember or Spark) and multiple color options for each, you'll have no trouble finding a base that is perfect for your set up!

But what are the measurements???

That's a great question fellow hookah smoker! Let me tell you! As mentioned before, there are two available styles of the Pulse base and there will be slight differences between the two.

The Ember style of the Pulse base is a "trumpet" base that features a wide base bottom that slopes all the way up to the neck of the stem. This creates a sleek, modern look on any hookah. The opening on these bases measure 2 inches wide so you'll want to make sure your hookah will fit on that size opening. Additionally, while these bases in total measure 12 inches tall, due to the raised indent at the bottom for the LED light, the actual "usable" interior height of the base is only 10 inches tall. Basically, the "bottom" of the base is a little bit higher up than usual on these bases to accomodate the LED light, so be sure to take that into account when measuring your hookah stem.

The Spark style of the Pulse base is a more traditional "bell" base that is reminiscent of more traditional styles of hookahs. The bell style is arguably one of the most common base styles on hookahs nowadays. The opening on the Spark also measures 2 inches wide and also has that indent to make room for the LED light. Much like the other style offered, the total height of the base is 12 inches tall however the usable interior height is only 10 inches tall, so do take that into account when taking your stem measurements!

Please don't hesitate to ask us if this base is the right fit for your hookah.

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"The outside completely peeled"
Jeremy Johnson on Thursday, March 5, 2020 4:47:20 AM

I expected the base to come in black as pictured - All of the color paint came off in the shipping bubble wrap - Now I’m here with a mirror like base that I definitely plan on sending back -

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