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"Pandora`s Box Of Licorice" Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco Mix

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Configure: "Pandora's Box Of Licorice" Shisha Custom Mix

Don't you know the secrets inside of Pandora's box? Check out this mix and discovery the mysterious blend.

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"Pandora's Box Of Licorice" Social Smoke Shisha Blend

There's some people in our office that have read or are currently reading this mix and shaking their heads. I frown upon any bowl of double apple; I'll usually plug my nose and tell whomever is smoking how bad of a choice they made with that flavor. Now that I got that honest moment out the way, let's go back to the mix.

I will allow a small amount of double apple in my bowl on occasion and this is one of them.

It's because we're using cherries! That's right. I've already opened Pandora's Box a long time ago and I discovered the secrets that lie within the jar(box). You really wanna know the rest? Ok. After you get past the cherries, it's a swarm of spice haymakers ranging from anise to warm cinnamon.

After solving the flavor mystery, I really became curious about other spices I could utilize as the cherry was great, but I felt I could do more here.

That's when I swallowed my pride and took a swing with a pinch of Double Apple. NOT BAD. Actually, it's amazing. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and actually caused me to use more DA to achieve a more complex mix.

You can start this mix like I did (baby steps) with 10-15%, but if you want to jump right into the action with something unique, go 30%-40%. Don't you dare cross that 50% mark or I'll clown your double apple bowl. ;)


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