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Ugly Marcoje Shisha Staff Pick

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"You can never have enough guava in your bowl!" -Allen, probably

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Ugly Marcoje Review By Allen

I've mentioned before that I am a fan of guava flavour in shisha, and this one is as unique as the rest of the flavors from Ugly. Although guava comes off strong in the scent, there is a sweet berry blend that is nicely mixed in without letting guava take over as it sometimes does.

That berry blend doesn't seem to be your typical blueberry, raspberry, strawberry fruit mix we often see in berry mixes. Instead I get tones of strawberry, cherry and maybe even a very small amount of ... banana? Regardless Marcoje always hits the spot.

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"This is the one you want and where you need to get it"
Ed on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 9:54:52 PM

I was used to having the harsh sense of smoking hookah by noviceness or other factors and then this flavor was recommended by the team who run this site - Or, more or less, "run this" - I love the delicate yet firm bite this offers - It tastes with hints of wild blackberries, tartness balance by smoothness - I've never tasted guava, in truth, but if that's what it is then Ugly got it right - Get it here, though, because the staff takes pride in providing you with the answers to any questions in regards to the dogma of hookah -

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