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Al Fakher Crafted Batch Shisha Super Pack x3 250g

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Stock up on your favorite with this Af Crafted Batch super pack.

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Al Fakher Crafted Batch 250g:
NOTE: These shisha flavors are nearing, or may have passed, the expiration dates listed on the cans. The freshness seals have never been broken so they're still packed with flavor.
Al Fakher Crafted Batch 250g #2:
Al Fakher Crafted Batch 250g #3:
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NOTEPretty crazy deal right? We just need to let you know before hand that some of our crafted batch flavors are almost at the expiration date posted on the cans. The freshness seals have never been broken so they're still packed with flavor. This is a limited time offer. 

Al Fakher Crafted Batch Video Review Playlist (All 3 flavors)

Al Fakher Crafted Batch 250g Super Pack

Are you ready to stock up on the Crafted Batch series? The new Crafted Batch series is here to impress and show your taste buds that there's more flavors in the Al Fakher recipe book than their standard line leads you to believe.

We're talking about flavors like green-tea, passion fruit, and other hidden surprises within this new collection. Al Fakher is easily one of the most well known brands in the world of hookah, and they've been working on these blends to perfection for multiple years.

Each of these blends will smoke super smooth with longer lasting flavor performance and thick clouds.

How To Prepare AF Crafted Batch

Al Fakher shisha tobacco has always been one of the easiest to prepare and that ease in usability continues with the Crafted Batch collection. You won't have to upgrade your bowl or hookah, and you can keep using any of the charcoal option that you prefer.

We fill our bowls with a sprinkle up to the rim and we'll pat it down a little to create space for more when we want a stronger smoking experience. Always mix up your shisha in the container to get the juices flowing before you put it in your bowl.

AF Crafted Batch Video Review By Strictly Shisha

Crafted Batch Flavors

These descriptions are coming straight from the can, be sure to checkout our blog for a more in depth look at each flavor.
Batch #4 - This deliciously intense blend can be simply described with a four letter word. It unites mixed apples with a touch of cool. You will swear by batch four.
Batch #5 - Smell the candy aroma before your mouth even touches the tip. Taste a juicy mix of orange, pineapple, raspberry and lime. See the voluminous smoke and listen to the bubbling hookah. Come to your 5 senses.
Batch #7 - Welcome to the promised land. Sublimely sweet passion fruit & grapefruit combine to unlock tropical nirvana.
Batch #8 - When the yin of earthy green tea meets the yang of sweet Lemon - lime the results are positively harmonious. A refreshing hint of mint brings batch 8 into perfect balance.
Batch #22 - Can it truly be called shisha when it tastes like a refreshing cocktail? It can't be both, can it? It's lime and tequila with a eucalyptus finish. It is batch 22.
Batch #86 - It starts innocently enough with grape, but here comes mulberry who's looking to mingle. They pick up raspberry and now mulled wine is flowing. Lime cranks up the volume, and when saffron arrives, your taste buds are going berserk. This flavor might just get you 86'd.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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