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Tangiers Tropical Revenge Shisha Tobacco

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A tropical Hawaiian fruit blend with a splash of grapefruit!

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Tangiers Tobacco - Tropical Revenge

Tangiers Tropical Revenge is a delicious blend of tropical Hawaiian fruits very similar to their Tropical Punch flavor, but with the added depth of tart grapefruit that gives this blend an added layer of depth.

Tangiers Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Tobacco offers 4 different lines of tobacco, each with their own unique characteristics, but each line is made using dark leaf tobacco. This means that no matter which line you choose the tobacco will have a higher nicotine buzz factor than blonde leaf tobaccos.

Noir Line: Tangiers Noir is an unwashed tobacco that provides a more robust smoke flavor profile for the experienced smokers. The Tangiers collection is known for creating a strong buzz because of the higher nicotine content, so we caution the use of this brand for beginner smokers.

Birquq Line: The Birquq (m-line) collection has a lower nicotine content than the standard Tangiers flavors, but still provides a stronger buzz against most of the modern shisha brands.

Burley Line: Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco similar to the Noir line, which means you get more natural tobacco flavor, but also has a higher nicotine level than the Noir line as well. This results in the added flavorings being less present, while the overall tobacco taste is stronger. The higher nicotine level will result in higher buzz levels, so be careful standing up after a long session.

F-Line: Tangiers F-Line is a caffeinated version of Tangiers Burley shisha tobacco and is for those that like an extra "kick" in their hookah smoke!

Note: Tangiers F-Line shisha is one of the strongest hookah tobacco lines in our store and therefore is not recommended for beginners or those with a sensitivity to nicotine or caffeine. Please smoke Tangiers F-Line responsibly.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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