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Mystique Ice Silicone Hookah Hose

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The Mystique Ice Silicone Hookah Hose: Made from high quality silicone and includes two "ice tip" attachments.

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Mystique Ice Silicone Hookah Hose

  • Length: 82"
  • "Small" Non-Ice Tip Length: 8"
  • "Large" Ice Tip Length: 12"
  • High quality soft touch silicone tubing
  • Completely washable
  • Includes one small non-ice tip and one large Mystique Ice Tip
  • Cools your smoke!
Arguably one of the most popular "ice tips" on the market, the Mystique Ice Tip took the hookah world by storm by allowing smokers to cool their smoke even further. The makers of the Mystique have now created their own silicone hose, combining the durability and functionality of a silicone hose with the cooling ability of that ice tip!

Measuring at approximately 82 inches long (fully assembled), the Mystique Ice Silicone Hookah Hose includes two mouth tips, one small "regular" tip and one large "ice" tip, allowing you to choose which one fits your preference for any given session. All you'll need to do is pop the ice tip in your freezer, allowing them enough time to freeze, and then plug it directly into the "grip" on the hose. This creates a cooling sensation as the smoke travels through your hose and right into your face.

The hose tubing on the Mystique Ice Hose is made from high quality silicone, meaning that this hose is resistant to flavor ghosting and is entirely washable. We recommend giving your hose a good cleaning every 1-2 sessions by running hot water it for several minutes. This will rinse any residue or flavor out of the tubing and help give you the freshest session possible. If your hose is particularly stained with flavor, you can use a little bit of lemon juice to help get those peskier flavors out of there!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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