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Premium Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl

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Premium Egyptian style clay hookah bowl - Available in multiple color designs

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Premium Egyptian Clay Bowl

  • Diameter: 2.5"
  • Height: 3"
  • Holds 15-20g of tobacco*
  • Glazed exterior with unglazed interior
*Depending on how you pack

Inspired by the traditional Egyptian style clay hookah bowls, the premium Egyptian style bowl puts a modern twist on an otherwise timeless classic.

This bowl has been carefully "dipped" into the glaze helping provide unique designs for the finish on the exterior. While the outside is glazed, the inside of the bowl (where you actually put the shisha tobacco) will be unglazed! This means that flavor juice will absorb into the clay, helping to "season" the bowl and give it a stronger flavor.

While you can absolutely smoke multiple flavors out of this bowl, we highly recommend dedicating it to a specific flavor (such as mint, double apple, or lemon), as the more you smoke one flavor out of it, the stronger that flavor will become over time.

The Premium Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl has the capacity to hold between 15-20 grams of flavored hookah tobacco.

Note: These hookah bowls are individually hand made so each one may vary slightly in size and shape, however the volume of each hookah bowl should remain constant.

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"Clay Bowl"
Rebecca on Friday, June 12, 2020 2:43:12 PM

It was difficult finding a bowl with the proper set up - The design is nice - And so far the structure is holding - The color gets a bit fuzzy and tarnished at the top from use but otherwise it's been working well for a month now or so -

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