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Tangiers Burley Shisha 100g

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100g bag of Tangiers Burley Hookah Toabcco

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Tangiers Burley 100g Shisha Tobacco

We now have Tangiers Burley shisha available in 100g sizes! Looking to try out a new flavor without committing to an entire 250g pouch? Then look no further! The 100g sizes allow you to try out new flavors and experiment with different blends without breaking the bank.

Tangiers is known among shisha tobacco smokers as the finest, most diligently produced hookah tobacco out there. Their newest line, Tangiers Burley shisha, lives up to that tradition.

Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco, which means you get more natural tobacco flavor, and a higher nicotine level. This results in the added flavorings being less present, while the overall tobacco taste is stronger. The higher nicotine level will result in higher buzz levels, so be careful standing up after a long session.

Tangiers Burley shisha tobacco works best when smoked out of a raised center hookah bowl, like the Phunnel or Vortex. For best results, let it acclimate for a couple of hours; meaning, let it sit open to the air so that the flavors blend better before loading your first bowl. As with all Tangiers shisha, get ready for some thunderclouds!

How-To Smoke Tangiers Burley

We use the same dense packing method that we would apply to a bowl of Noir Cane Mint.

Tangiers Flavor Descriptions

Our lineup of available tangiers flavor changes weekly, so be sure to check back with us if you don't see a desired flavor or leave us feedback on your favorite blend so we know what to stock. Below you'll find a description for every Tangiers flavor that we carry, so if you don't see a flavor available on this page, be sure to check out the other Tangiers lines that we carry. These flavor profiles can change slightly based on the packing method and preparation of your hookah.

Absinthe - Anise blend with subtle mint
Blackberry - Tart berry
Brambleberry - Red berries and blackberries mix together for slightly tart smoke session
Bug Powder - Kashmir with mint and a little splash of citrus
Cane Mint - World renowned peppermint flavor
Kashmir Peach - The creator of Tangiers lives by this flavor and so do we! Sweet peach with a spiced floral finish
Ololiuqui - Root Beer flavor similar to the barrel candies
Opuntia Pear - This flavor is just like biting into a sweet, juicy pear.
Orange Soda - There s no carbonation but this is pretty spot on
Prince Of Grey - A full leaf tea blend of Earl Grey
Static Starlight - Dark grape with a sweet floral touch
Tropical Revenge - A remix to the Tropical Punch with a splash of Grapefruit, our recommended mix involves Mime or Mimon

Note: Tangiers Hookah Tobacco requires some conditioning and special treatment before smoking so be sure to read the information sheet that accompanies it.
This product is for personal use and any orders that we deem as bulk or going to any re-shipper or exporter will be canceled and your money will be refunded

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"Would buy again"
Joshua Logan on Monday, February 24, 2020 5:17:53 AM

Smoke was heavy relaxing and tasty

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