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Shika Mido Hookah

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Configure: Shika Mido (1 hose) Hookah

37" Shika electroplated solid brass hookah This hookah includes a 250g Al Fakher flavor!

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Shika Hookah:
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This hookah includes a 250g Al Fakher flavor!
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Shika Mido Hookah Package Includes

  • Shika Mido electroplated black 37" tall brass hookah
  • Shika Oblivion phunnel bowl
  • Shika Typhoon washable hookah hose
  • Electroplated coal tray
  • Dual band black base
  • Shika large electroplated tongs
  • Shika Grommets

Mido Hookah Description

Guess who's back with another jet black hookah? SHIKA! This is the latest traditional style pipe to get a modern finish from crafty experts. This brass shaft features sleek curves that resembles the silhouette of a classic trimetal design. This glossy exterior is tightly sealed around a wide bore down stem, this feature allows for a tremendous amount of smoke to easily fill your Egyptian style base. The base paint and design placements are varied by the handmade nature. Use caution with your base brush to prevent any removal of paint.

The Shika Mido features their classic wide open hose port that creates a snug fit for your included hose, but also allows for you to use any hose in your collection. The combination of the open down stem and hose port creates a session with a minimal effort draw.

Free With This Hookah:
- One 50g box of premium shisha
- One box of natural or quicklight hookah charcoals
- Cleaning brush
- Foil Pack

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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