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Apple On Top Table Top Hookah

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A modern style, acrylic hookah that will find a comfortable home on any table or desk, brought to you by Apple On Top.

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Apple On Top Tabltop Specs

Apple On Top Tabltop Hookah Design

From the makers of the well loved Apple On Top (AoT) "Provost" heat management device and AoT Silicone bowls comes the Tabltop hookah! If you're familiar with the AoT bowls, then you'll know they like to use silicone on their products, and their hookah is not exception! You'll find a silicone exterior wrapped around an acrylic, cylindrical "tank" with, you guessed it, silicone ports and purge valve!

Taking a step away from the more fragile glass material, the silicone and acrylic body of the hookah is shatter resistant, so no more worrying if you accidentally knock it or drop it! While anything can break if you try hard enough, the resilient design of the Tabltop hookah will help keep your new pipe in one piece during any accidents or mishaps.

While the durability and resilience of the hookah is important, let's get into how it smokes. The aluminum downstem is resistant to flavor ghosting and corrosion with proper maintenance, making sure your sessions stay fresh. The downstem also features a built in diffuser which helps "break up" the bubbles in the hookah, resulting in a smoother, quieter session.

Resting atop of the hookah is an included AoT silicone bowl with the bowl screen! The outside of the bowl is wrapped in the sameĀ  high quality silicone as the hookah and an aluminum metal "dish" inside for the tobacco. The stainless steel bowl screen fits right on top of the bowl, eliminating the need for aluminum foil!

Silicone bowls not your style? No worries! The traditional style bowl port on this hookah allows you to use most standard, "outside fitting" bowls with the hookah! Want to use a clay phunnel style bowl? Or a traditional Egyptian clay bowl? No problem! Other bowls should work just fine on this piece.

Speaking of accessories, we're also including a free Al Fakher disposable hose with every hookah. If the disposable hose isn't your jam, the hose port allows you to use most standard "inside fitting" hoses so you can switch the hose out with ease!

Maintenance is a breeze as well! A walk in the park to take apart and put together, the Tabltop makes it easy to disassemble the hookah allowing for thorough cleaning right in your kitchen sink! We recommend using warm water and a mild dish soap or lemon juice after each session for cleaning, taking care to thoroughly rinse.

Free Gifts With The Hookah!

This hookah also includes the following free gifts:
  • One freebie box of shisha
  • One free box/roll of charcoal
  • One pack of aluminum foil
  • Cleaning brush

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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"Preferred V1"
Chris on Thursday, April 8, 2021 3:58:53 PM

I was excited to replace my original AOT, but after using this for less than a week now I regret not getting something different - One side of the hookah has the spider web going on, the glue has started peeling already, and the stem has disconnected into two pieces just after hand washing it - You can tell that the concept of the V2 was great, but the execution/build quality was horrific -

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