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"Scratch and Dent" Regal (1 hose) Hookah Shaft

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Configure: "Scratch and Dent" Regal (1 hose) Hookah Shaft

Pick up a fully functional Regal shaft for cheap through our "scratch and dent" Regal hookah selection!

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"Scratch and Dent" Regal Hookah Shaft

Have you been looking to pick up a Regal hookah stem but can't bring yourself to pay full price? Well we've got some news for you!

We are now offering "scratch and dent" clearance Regal shafts! While Regals are famous throughout the world for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, there are occasionally some minor cosmetic imperfections that prevent us from selling a stem at "full price". For this reason, we have decided to heavily discount these imperfect Regal stems!

Imperfections on these shafts include, but are not limited to, scratches, dents, or minor physical damage in the metal and wood. To be clear, these stems are fully functional and will perform exceptionally well, however they may look more "rough around the edges" so to speak than our full price Regals.

We currently have clearance options available for the Regal "Queen" and "Melech" stems, which you can choose from the drop down menu above. These stems are currently a "grab bag" style in terms of the color, so the color of the finish you receive may vary.

This Regal shaft is sold by itself, meaning you will have to add a hose, bowl, tray and base, if you want to build it out as a complete hookah. These hookahs require a base that is 11-12 inches tall with an opening of approximately 1.75-2 inches, however any bowl or hose we carry should work just fine. Want to make sure the accessories you've selected will fit the stem? Reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to give you some advice!

Your clearance Regal hookah shaft will come with a base grommet, however it will not come with a base, bowl, hose, or tray as mentioned above. This is a stem only package.

Note: Due to the imperfect nature of these clearance stems, all sales are final and they are not eligible for a return due to cosmetic damage or other imperfections in the wood or metal. Of course, if there is a functional issue with your stem that prevents it from smoking properly, we are happy to help with that. Even though they are "scratch and dent", these are fully functional hookahs and we are always happy to resolve an issue if you receive a non-functional stem. All you need to do is contact our customer service team, and we'll take it from there!

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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