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Starbuzz Phunnel Bowl

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A high quality clay "phunnel" sytle bowl from Starbuzz!

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Hookah-Shisha Bowl Buying Guide

Starbuzz Phunnel Hookah Bowl

  • Diameter: 3"
  • Holds up to 50g of shisha tobacco*
  • Modern "phunnel" style spire design
  • Kaloud Lotus compatible
  • Made from high quality clay
*Depending on how you pack

Starbuzz Tobacco, world famous for their shisha flavors, have finally released a high quality, clay phunnel bowl for your smoking pleasure! Manufactured from sturdy, compressed clay, this bowl will both retain and transfer heat to your flavors exceptionally well. The modern, "phunnel" style raised spire means that all the lovely flavor juice from your tobacco will remain in your bowl (rather than dripping down into your hookah), resulting in longer, more flavorful sessions.

With a total diameter of 3 inches, you'll also be able to comfortably use a heat management system such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus on this bowl. Is an HMD not your preferred way to smoke? No worries! This accessory will also work great with the more traditional aluminum foil.

Let's Talk Pack!

The modern phunnel style design of this bowl makes it extremely versatile in terms of what type of shisha tobacco can be used.

Do you prefer lighter, "blonde leaf" flavors such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher, or Trifecta Blonde? Just sprinkle the shisha into the bowl (using your fingers or a shisha fork) around the center spire, making sure that it is loosely spread out in the bowl. No need to "dense pack" blonde leaf shisha brands, as they require more airflow in the bowl to smoke properly.

Or, do you prefer more nicotine heavy, "dark leaf" tobacco instead? If so, you'll just need to fill the bowl around the spire and then gently press the tobacco down to create a "dense" or "semi-dense" pack. This will help fully unlock the flavor from dark leaf tobacco brands such as Trifecta Dark, Azure Black, or Tangiers.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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