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Alpaca Bowl Company EGY Bowl

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American made clay hookah bowls from Alpaca that feature a reinvented traditional "Egyptian" design

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Hookah-Shisha Bowl Buying Guide

Alpaca EGY Bowl Snapshot

  • Height: ~4"
  • Diameter: ~3"
  • Holds 15g - 25g of tobacco
  • Reinvented traditional "Egyptian" design
  • Handmade in USA

Back To Basics

The Alpaca Bowl Company has gained recognition throughout the hookah world for their beautiful, handmade bowls that come in a variety of different designs. You've got bowls with foil bridges, raised spires, and airflow cut outs, just to touch on a few. Their tendency towards modern bowl designs makes one of their newer releases all the more exciting!

They have gone back to their hookah roots and officially released a traditional, "EGY" (short for Egyptian) style bowl! Rather than one larger raised spire, you'll notice several smaller holes down at the bottom of the bowl instead, meaning you'll be packing your tobacco over those holes, just like you would with a traditional clay bowl found on many Egyptian hookah brands such as Khalil Mamoon.

Alpaca EGY Bowl

Though it offers up a more traditional smoking experience, the folks over at Alpaca have designed this accessory with versatility in mind. Measuring an approximate 3 inches in diameter, this bowl is totally compatible with modern "heat management devices" (HMDs) such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus or HMDs of a similar size. Not your style? No worries! This piece will also work wonderfully with aluminum foil.

The Alpaca Bowl Company takes their time with each bowl they produce to ensure an even placement of cutouts and uniform diameter size, however do keep in mind that these bowls are individually hand-crafted by clay artisans, so there may be some slight variance from bowl to bowl.

The EGY bowl can hold around 15-25 grams of your favorite tobacco, which allows long lasting sessions with optimal airflow. These bowls are manufactured right here in the USA, with high quality clay and lead free glaze.

As always, their blend of high quality clay continues to handle high levels of heat with ease. We recommend using natural charcoals with this bowl and, depending on your coal size and smoking preference, the required amount of coals will range from 2-4 pieces.

Old Dog, New Tricks

While this bowl was inspired by the traditional bowls that have been in use for...well for as long as I can remember, Alpaca definitely implemented some new "tweaks" to the classic style.

In addition to the higher quality, proprietary blend of clay and glaze that Alpaca uses, you'll also notice something a little different with the EGY bowl. Instead of the holes sitting flat in the bottom of the bowl, they have created a sort of "bubble" effect in the clay that pushes those holes slightly higher. This creates a tapered "moat", allowing some of the flavor juices in your shisha to remain in the bowl (instead of dripping into your hookah/base) resulting in more flavorful, longer lasting smoke sessions.

How To Use A Bowl Grommet

We recommend using the EGY bowl with a mod bowl grommet to ensure a tight seal.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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Null on Thursday, July 22, 2021 5:40:20 AM

This bowl is really cool - It's a good match with the Provost - It's perfect for AF - If there is another color, I will buy it -

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