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BYO Slim Phunnel Hookah Bowl

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From the same team that brought you BYO Hookahs comes this slim-necked clay bowl that features a modern phunnel spire design

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Hookah-Shisha Bowl Buying Guide

BYO Slim Phunnel Hookah Bowl

  • Height = 4"
  • Diameter = 3"
  • Holds = 15-25 grams*
  • Compatible with traditional foil and most HMDs
  • "Phunnel" style spire design
*Depending on how you pack

Functional simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the Slim Phunnel bowl from BYO Hookahs and, given its budget friendly price point, we couldn't be happier. Made from high quality, clay ceramics and finished with a durable glaze, this bowl presents a slim, tapered neck that leads up into a wide dish and features a "phunnel" style spire design that is common in modern hookah bowls (for good reason!)

The phunnel spire consists of one larger raised hole inside your bowl, rather than the several smaller holes in the bottom that you would find with some more traditional bowls. This raised spire helps prevent the flavor juice in your shisha tobacco from dripping down into your hookah, resulting in longer lasting, more flavorful smoke sessions.

The BYO Slim Phunnel measures 4 inches in height with a dish diameter of 3 inches, holds approximately 15g-25g of shisha tobacco (depending on how you pack), and smokes great using both blonde leaf or dark leaf tobacco. This bowl can easily be used with traditional aluminum foil, however its 3 inch diameter also allows it to be compatible with most heat management devices (HMDs) on the market, such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus!

The versatility, as well as the simple, yet functional, budget friendly design makes the BYO Slim Phunnel bowl the perfect hookah accessory for those looking to upgrade their sessions without breaking the bank.

*These bowls are handmade and size specifications may vary with each batch*

How To Use A Bowl Grommet

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