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Serbetli Shisha Tobacco 250g

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Resealable 250g jar of Serbetli hookah tobacco - Made in Turkey

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Serbetli 250g Shisha Tobacco

Serbetli shisha tobacco is officially available on our shelves! Crafted in Turkey, this flavored hookah tobacco has rightfully gained a strong following in Europe with their variety of flavor blends and top quality production. Focusing on mixes rather than single-note flavors, you can find great tasting combinations such as Lime Lychee Blueberry, Ice Green Apple, and more!

Serbetli crafts their flavors using a blonde leaf cut of tobacco that provides smooth smoke and strong flavor, all while containing low amounts of nicotine. This means you can easily have an enjoyable smoke session no matter what kind of nicotine tolerance you have!

Each Serbetli flavor arrives in its own resealable 250g jar that locks in freshness and keeps your shisha tasting great. Depending on how you pack, each 250g jar will contain enough tobacco for approximately 15-20 hookah sessions.

How To Prepare Serbetli Shisha Tobacco

Serbetli can be packed in any hookah bowl out there, however we recommend using a phunnel style hookah bowl (such as the Gambit bowl) to achieve optimal flavor due to the higher concentration of juice in their shisha recipe.

Using your fingers or a small shisha fork, just sprinkle your flavor loosely into the bowl evenly filling it to the inner bowl lip while making sure the shisha itself remains "fluffy" and light. Serbetli, like many other blonde leaf shisha brands, achieves optimal clouds and flavor using this "fluff pack" method as proper airflow is necessary for this shisha.

Serbetli works well with both standard foil or a heat management device, just for added versatility! To smoke Serbetli, we recommend using 2-3 pieces of natural hookah coals or 1-2 pieces of quick light coals, depending on the size of your bowl.

Serbetli Shisha Flavor Descriptions

  • Bubble Fruit - A bubble gum flavored shisha with notes of raspberry, strawberry, white grape, and lime
  • Green Mix - Green apple, kiwi, citrus lime, and cooling mint blend in this green fruit shisha mix
  • Ice Green Apple - Sweet and crisp green apple with undertones of cooling mint
  • Ice Lemon Mint - A classicly inspired flavor that boasts powerful citrus lemon with a cooling ice mint
  • Ice Orange - Ice mint blends with a sweet, yet tart, citrus orange
  • Ice Watermelon - Sweet, candied watermelon and mint!
  • Lime Lychee Blueberry - The sweetness of blueberry, the sourness of lime, and the unmistakable flavor of the lychee fruit!
Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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Alexandra Johnson on Friday, November 19, 2021 11:19:37 AM

This flavor was amazing! I mixed it with Al Fakher cinnamon and it tasted exactly like the Carmel apple suckers! I loved it

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"Green mix and Bubble fruit"
L Johnson on Sunday, October 31, 2021 1:41:02 AM

This was my first time ever rying this brand - I love the Green Mix - You can taste all of the flavors that is insiide This is officially one of my favorites - The Bubble Fruit tastes like Hubba Bubba bubblegum but with very strong mint - In my opinion, the mint overpowers the flavors - So if you like mint, then go for it - For me though, proably won't purchase that particular flavor again

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