Clearance Romman Shisha 250g

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The world's best shisha tobacco for any hookah smokers!

Clearance Romman 250g:

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This product has been discontinued from our store. We apologize for any inconvenience.

This tobacco is being sold at a Clearance price because its packaging is either damaged, leaky, or otherwise not fit to sell at full retail price. The tobacco inside is the same quality you should normally expect from Romman despite minor leaks in plastic packaging. Because the packaging for this tobacco may not be 100% air-tight, we encourage you to smoke your Clearance Romman Tobacco within six months of purchase.

The Romman Tobacco is considered the highest quality most flavorful hookah tobacco on the market. Freshly produced in the heart of Jordan this tobacco is hand made with care and precision to give it its great flavor and unique smoothness. The Romman Tobacco flavor stays strong throughout the entire smoking experience from start to finish. It has a fresh distinct fruit flavor to it unlike other generic hookah tobacco brands. For a really thick smoke try using 1.5 - 2 pieces of quick light charcoals. This item is available in a variety of mouth watering flavors.

Packaging: 250 gram resealable tupperware
Flavor Quality: Excellent
Thickness of Smoke: Excellent
Smoking Session: 2 hours per bowl (requires two sets of 2 charcoals)
Total Smoke Time: 25 bowls X 2 hrs/bowl = 50 hrs.

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