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Fantasia 50g
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Curious about some of the Fantasia flavor names? Check out The Low Down on Fantasia Flavors!

Fantasia 50g Shisha Tobacco

Enjoy the same great taste and exceptional smoke quality you've come to expect from our premium Fantasia shisha tobacco in a smaller package. Each 50g box will give you 3-4 bowls and will last up to 2 hours per bowl. Choose from over 50 delicious flavors!

Fantasia Flavor Descriptions

Magic Dragon? Cali Green? Million Dollar Flavor? While Fantasia shisha tobacco is full of flavor, we know that some of the flavor names can be pretty ambiguous, making it difficult to know what exact flavor profile that you're getting. That is why we have gone through and smoked every flavor that Fantasia has to offer so we can give you the most accurate description possible.

4Play - This particular flavor is reminiscent of Watermelon hard candies.
Ace Of Spades - A mint and chocolate mixed flavor.
Adios Mofo - This mixes flavors of Blue Raspberry and citrus, with a hint of pine.This is a very interesting hookah tobacco flavor for adventurous types. Hasta la vista, baby.
Apple Martini - Apple Martini Fantasia Shisha Tobacco offers up a nice sweet apple aroma. Flavor wise, this hookah tobacco is in about the middle as apple flavors go: not super-strong, but definitely there. Hints of anise, as well.
Aurora - A delectably sweet pineapple flavor. If you're smoking on a beautiful beach (or wish you were), this flavor will be provide a wonderful, tropical session.
Banana Foster - This hookah tobacco mixes flavors of banana, vanilla and rum, and definitely evokes the ever popular taste of 'Nilla Wafers.
Black Mamba - It invites you to get ready for a mysterious blend that some would call a taste of the jungle, others a blend of nectarine and pineapple.
Black Martini - Black Martini Fantasia Shisha Tobacco evokes the flavor of this delicious berry flavored drink, although it leans heavily on the sweet, and leaves out the alcohol. If you like this cocktail, you'll enjoy this hookah tobacco, and if you are a fan of berry shisha, you may want to consider adding this one to your collection.
Blueberry Ice - Like biting into a juicy, freshly picked blueberry in the middle of a blizzard. Ripe berry goodness punctuated by a chilly and refreshing mint flavor.
Blueberry Splash - This flavor offers up a tasty and creamy blueberry flavor. If you like sweet blueberry, you'll like this hookah tobacco.
Cactus Breeze - This has somewhat of a mango scent but it does a good job of mimicking the mixed drink, serving up a mixed cocktail of cranberry, pineapple and sour mix.
Cali Green - This flavor, crafted in the heart of the West Coast, is a bodacious sweet and sour green apple hookah tobacco blend.
Candy Cane - This hookah tobacco steers more towards a cherry/peppermint candy, blending cherry and menthol flavors together.
Caramel Cappuccino - Like the name implies, this flavor blends together the sweetness of caramel with the delectable taste of coffee and cream to provide a warm, savory smoke, perfect for a cold day.
Charm Brittian - A tropical orange flavor that is sure to satisfy your craving for a bold citrus blend.
Cherry Cola - Cherry Cola Fantasia Shisha Tobacco accurately recreates this flavor. If you are a fan of this soda, you'll enjoy this hookah tobacco.
Citrus Ice - This delivers a stout citrus flavor - tangy, fruity, and juicy - followed by an icy kick on the exhale. It's a perfect blend of mint and citrus. 
Cuban Mojito - The smell and taste of this hookah tobacco are very similar to the Fantasia Margarita, with strong overtones of lemon and lime, the difference being that the Cuban Mojito adds a minty rum flavor to the mix.
Cupid's Arrow - It's supposed to emulate the flavor of candy hearts, but to our taste buds it's more along the lines of fruit punch with a strong cherry overtone.
Da Bomb Blueberry - An explosively sweet blueberry flavor that provides thick, flavorful clouds.
Diablo - Featuring a fiery container design, this shisha makes it's intentions known from the start. Load up a bowl of Fantasia Diablo hookah tobacco and you will experience a hot cinnamon candy flavor like you've never tried before!
Dirty Blonde - This flavor of hookah tobacco mixes sweet pineapple and banana, and kicks out some ginormous clouds. 
Double Apple Ice - A delightful blend of the popular double apple flavor - apples and licorice - with an added dose of chilly mint flavor.
Dragon's Breath - Dragon's Breath Fantasia Shisha tobacco kicks up a fruity, candy flavor, similar to gummy bears. If you like sweet hookah tobacco, you'll probably like this flavor.
Electric X - A sweet mix of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Combined with a light, cooling mint on the exhale, this flavor won't dissapoint.
Eric Bellinger - Eric Bellinger flavor is a sweet cherry flavor that makes a great mixer or smokes well on its own.
Firecracker - A complex mix of cherry and berry flavors, with a hint of melon.
G6 Grape - G6 Grape is one of the newest flavors in the Trendsettah line of Fantasia hookah tobacco and is a must for grape shisha fans.
Golden Double Apple - Expect more apple and a lighter anise flavor with this modern shisha tobacco blend. 
Grape Ice - This delivers a dark, almost wine-like grape flavor, with a background of icy mint. This is an interesting and delicious take on grape shisha. 
Green Ice - A strong mint flavor that is a little bit sweeter than other single note mint flavors.
Guava Breeze - A sweet and delicious flavor. While it's light on actual guava flavor, this hookah tobacco blends strong bubble gum  flavor with guava overtones.
Hush Honey - Hush Honey Fantasia Shisha Tobacco is so succulently sweet you'll swear your hose is plugged into a beehive! You'll experience the expected sweetness of honey in this flavor.
Hydroponics - Fantasia Hydroponics hookah tobacco gives you that great Hydro peach flavor, but with real tobacco at its base.
Ice Mint - A delicious hookah tobacco for any fan of strong mint shisha. Super cool and flavorful, those big clouds might just kick up an ice storm in your living room.
Incredible - You can expect a bold blend of tropical fruit and rich cognac in this fantastic mix drink inspired shisha tobacco flavor.
Joker - A delicious blend of grapefruit and sweet grape.
Kali Drizzle - Kali Drizzle hookah tobacco serves up real shisha clouds infused with the great taste of grape bubblegum. 
Lemon Ice - Brings to mind certain famous lemon candy, along with a kick of refreshing mint. Sweet, sour, and minty - Lemon Ice has it all.  
Lucky - This flavor offers up a mesmerizing lime aroma. If you like Key Lime Pie, you'll like this hookah tobacco. Who wouldn't want to get lucky?
Madzilla - A delicious, succulent, and unique strawberry flavor that you'll absolutely love.
Magic Dragon - Load up a bowl of Magic Dragon hookah tobacco and within moments there will be coiled tendrils of blueberry and mint scented dragon smoke emanating from your smiling face.
Mally Mall - This one is positively overflowing with massive melon flavor.
Mango Ice - An incredibly juicy mix of mango fruit and icy mint. These two great flavors blend together perfectly into a fruity and refreshing shisha flavor that will keep you coming back for more. 
Margarita - This brings the lime citrus goodness of everyone's favorite cocktail to the world of hookah tobacco.
Mary Jane - Mary Jane is a sweet pink guava mix hookah tobacco which is sure to tantalize your taste buds and make for a great hookah smoking session!
Massari - An amazing grape mint blend, mixing sweet grape flavor with cool mint to create one exhilarating hookah tobacco flavor.
Maybach Melon - Fantasia has mastered the art of luxury shisha with this sweet melon flavor.
Melon Ice - A blend of ripe cantaloupe and mint flavors. Cantaloupe and mint are two of the most refreshing flavors out there, and with Fantasia Melon Ice, they come together in a dream team of relaxing hookah flavor. 
Menage - A tasty blend of melon and citrus which will keep you coming back for more.
Mon'Cherry - A classic, highly rated cherry flavored hookah tobacco with an aroma that's reminiscent of maraschino cherries and a strong cherry flavor that moves from candy to natural overtones, the longer it's in the bowl.
OG Sweet - The "original" sweet flavor hookah tobacco that combines Bubble Gum with Cotton Candy.
One Hundred - This hecto-fabulous flavor is c-c-colossally cool! Chill your palate with this wintergreen mint flavor that's all about the Benjamins.
Orange Sherbert - Orange Sherbet Fantasia Shisha for the person who likes (drum roll)... Orange sherbet! This juicy hookah tobacco smells great and nails the flavor.
Peach Fuzzy Navel - A nice twist on the peach flavor; perhaps this is the hookah tobacco for when you want a drink but not the buzz.
Peach Ice - Fantasia Peach Ice shisha takes one of the juiciest shisha flavors around - peach, of course - and throws in a dash of refreshing mint.
Pina Colada - This creamy blend of coconut and pineapple makes this hookah tobacco the perfect way to kick back and allow yourself to be transported to a white sand beach and turquoise waters. 
Pink Lemonade - It both smells and tastes of a powerful lemon flavor, pink lemonade - as the name suggests.
Pumpkin Spice - A nice, spicy take on pumpkin pie. If you are looking for a pumpkin pie shisha with a little extra hot cinnamon kick, look no further.
Purple Haze - A delicious and creative flavor, blending sour, cool grape on the inhale with sweet grape flavor on the exhale.
Purple K - This white grape flavored hookah tobacco will fill your mouth with potassic periwinkle pleasure!
Qing Rubus - A flavor blend that will make you nostalgic for the blue raspberry lollipops that you loved when growing up.
Queen Of Hearts - Kicks up huge tasty clouds of sweet rose, with undertones of cherry and raspberry.
Rainbow Burst - If you feel like a hookah tobacco that tastes like a handful of Skittles, look no further. 
Raspberry Kamikaze - To us, this hookah tobacco mixes raspberry and cream flavors, omitting the citrus and vodka tastes that one would expect from a Kamikaze.
Raspberry Lemonade - Raspberry Lemonade is one of those classic summer flavors that you need to have on hand at all times. Just like that first sip of icebox cool lemonade after you finish mowing the lawn, your first puffs on a bowl of Raspberry Lemonade from Fantasia Hookah Tobacco will send your taste buds into a tizzy.
Red Lightning - Red Lightning Fantasia has borrowed from the Hydro flavor science playbook to come up with a truly unique and delicious variety of strawberry hookah tobacco. 
Red Velvet - This flavor captures the essence of the popular southern cake, blending creamy and sweet flavors.
Rozay Wine - This perfumy hookah tobacco steers away from sweet in favor of floral tastes and should appeal to fans of cigarillos.
Screwdriver - This hookah tobacco kicks up some delicious sweet orange flavored clouds with the added bite of an alcohol edge on the aftertaste. 
Strawberry Daiquiri - This flavor does well in capturing all of the flavor elements you remember from those cool iced daiquiris: strawberry, lime/citrus, rum.
Strawberry Ice - It starts with a light, pleasant strawberry flavor, followed by a strong icy mint burst, and ending with a stronger strawberry aftertaste. Yum!
Strawberry Lemonade - This tobacco kicks up a sweeter version of Pink Lemonade. If you want sweet lemonade hookah tobacco without the sour, give this one a try.
Strawberry Banana Split - Banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla ice cream... That's why you love a banana split. Now you can turn it into ginormous delicious clouds. 
Surfer - It evokes the popular cocktail, blending coconut rum, pineapple juice, and Jagermeister flavors. This hookah tobacco sticks to the basics of the drink recipe but opts towards a sweeter, fruitier flavor, while burying the anise-licorice flavors of the Jager.
Swag Berry - The aroma of this hookah tobacco tends towards sour berries but the flavor is pretty sweet, blending blueberry with some subtle, mystery flavors. Could it be a little Purple Haze grape flavor? A hint of cherry? Who knows. Tastes pretty good though.
Sweet Red Melon - This flavor lets you enjoy sweet melon flavor in the form of thick, white clouds.
Million Dollar Flavor - Open up this hookah tobacco and you'll smell a candy cherry aroma with menthol undertones, reminiscent of sweet cough drops. While smoking this shisha, you'll enjoy more of a bubble gum flavor, with minty undertones.
Triple Apple - A sweet take on apple. Focusing on the apple, this hookah tobacco puts the anise-licorice flavors in the back seat; they are there, but subtle.
Triple X - If you like fruity hookah tobacco with a little creaminess to it, you should enjoy this flavor.
Vanilla Sky - While it supposedly models the cocktail, the pineapple flavors are subtle at best, perhaps psychosomatic. This hookah tobacco does offer some tasty vanilla, gingerbread and spice flavors.
Watermelon Ice - A delectable blend that will have you coming back again and again. The watermelon part of this shisha flavor is less candy and more true to the actual fruit, and is well-balanced by the biting but refreshing ice mint flavor. 
White Grape - A sweet, single note flavor that will heavily remind you of the sweet, white grape juice.
White Lotus - Combining coconut, citrus and honeydew melon, this exotic hookah tobacco flavor is succulent and smooth, and produces those thick, billowy clouds Fantasia is famous for. 
Wild Mango - This flavor offers up tasty, fruity mango flavors.
Yachtmaster Wet Mango - To us it tastes like mango, which is good. I guess if you do own a yacht, this hookah tobacco is perfect for you, or for all aspiring yacht owners. 
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Fantasia Shisha 50g is 88 of 100 based on 178 Reviews
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"Some awesome flavors, some lacking flavors"
Brett B on Friday, January 19, 2018 6:47:50 PM

I have tried quite a few Fantasia flavors over the last few monthsmostly because it’s the most stocked brand at the tabacco stores near me - The top 3 flavors I really recommend are Pink lemonade, Cactus Breeze, and Surferpineapple/coconut - If you like mint mixes their Ice line is pretty good - I recommend the watermelon or citrus, the others weren’t quite as good in my opinion - Certain flavors came through really weak, like Seks on 5th and Da Bomb Blueberry, among others -

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"Very little flavor"
Jess Lagow on Friday, January 12, 2018 4:09:37 PM

I’ve used many different brands of Shisha - I’ve had huge clouds and hold flavor with brands like Fumari, and Starbuzz, but with Fantasia - - it doesn’t matter which flavor I use, there is very little flavor - I have tried Fantasia Shisha with various packing methods, bowls, hoses, and hookahs, and the result is the same nearly every time - Save your money - Go with a better brand like Fumari -

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"Great Flavor!"
Burhan on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 1:32:40 PM

The Guava Breeze is very fruity and has a great blend of flavors - I generally smoke Al Fahker's Blueberry and Watermelon - I like to take this and mix it with one of those flavors - It makes a great addition to many flavors - The tobacco does not burn quickly either which is another great plus - Definitely recommend Guava Breeze if you're looking for something different with a nice fruity flavor!

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"I was really disappointed"
Michael J Gomez Calderon on Friday, September 23, 2016 8:03:41 AM

I had really high expectations for this sisha - I bought blueberry chill and expected something with bold flavorand stronger than social smoke - The end result was really disappointing, as soon as i put my three coconaras on top of my vortex bowl and few minutes waiting for the amazing flavor to come out, all i got was flavorless and burnt sisha - Probably it was the flavor or i just received a bad batch either way i won't recommend it - Use social smoke, it might have less reviews than fantasia but that sisha is top of the class -

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"Aurora & Wild Mango"
Corban Langman on Saturday, November 21, 2015 12:49:01 AM

Just bought Aurora for the first time - Super impressed with the strong pineapple flavor, it smells amazing and the taste matches - It is light in juice and very flakey which I love - I made a bowl of this combined with Wild Mango which is another favorite of mine and they complimented each other very well - I will buy a 250g soon -

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"Variety & juicy"
Greg B on Thursday, October 22, 2015 9:03:55 AM

I use this in a conventional bowl I prefer pulling the heat through the shisha - Only issue is a lot of the liquid finds its way through bottom of bowl - I resolved this by using a complimentary flavor of a less moist tobacco and making a "blanket" below the Fantasia that will absorb excess juice before going down the bowl - Diddle with heat and tobacco ratios - I've had a well managed medium bowl last way over an hour - I also like the double bagging - preserves freshness -

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"Shisha Review Fantasia Dragon's Breath"
Law Hookah on Sunday, September 20, 2015 8:19:45 PM

Hard to burn, strong flavor, and packaging that made me really happy. Very rarely do I find a product that makes me this happy.

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"Fantasia Peach Ice"
Kimberly M Greer on Thursday, September 10, 2015 2:34:13 PM

I really like this Peach Ice, really nice and refreshing - I have never tried Fantasia before and especially not mint flavors I usually go for Al Faker, and my Rommans - This is very nice - The peach is not overly strong but it's pleasant non the less, I can definitely tell the mint flavor through each inhale very nice - I would definitely recommend this product - I rate it 9/10

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"A solid brand -"
Tristan Moschetto on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 3:58:49 AM

Fantasia is my most purchased brand, since it's the only thing my local tobacco shop carries in terms of shisha - I'll be dropping a review of every flavor I've had - Cuban Mojito: A refreshing, minty flavor - I've never had an actual mojito, so I can't say how accurate it is, but the flavor itself is nice and light - I'd give it a 7 - 5/10 Million Dollar Flavor: Honestly, I was expecting something special from this - The smell is sort of like cough syrup, and the taste is just a standard mixed berry - That isn't to say its a bad flavor, but it doesn't live up to the hype - 7/10 Cactus Breeze: Now this is yummy - Pineapple with an interesting other flavor to it, great taste, if a bit strong, but very refreshing - 8/10 Caramel Cappuccino: I've never had a type of shisha that was coffee or chocolate flavored before, so this was a leap of faith, but one I'm glad I took - By itself, it has a distinct taste of sweet coffee, but with cold coffee in the vase, it gains an almost starbucks like flavor that really stood out to me - 8/10 Magic Dragon: In my opinion, this is like Million Dollar's bigger, better, mintier brother - A wonderful mix of mint and berries that was very pleasant to taste - 8 - 5/10 Incredible: Decidedly not so incredible, haha - Although not a bad flavor, it wasn't anything that stood out - I wouldn't mind smoking it again as it had a flavor I couldn't quite name, but it wasn't exactly the most memorable I'd had either - 6 - 5/10 Pink Lemonade: The smell of this shisha is spot on with the smell of actual pink lemonade - The Taste is pretty spot on too, but the flavor, at least for me, seemed to fade about 25 minutes into the session, even with a phunnel bowl - Maybe the batch I got was bad, who knows - But, while it lasted, it was pleasant - 7/10 Firecracker: Tasted sort of like berries and grape, which isn't bad I can't say much else about this flavor, it wasn't special by any means, but it was still good, and worth a shot if that's your thing - 6 - 5/10 Purple Haze: Grape, so much grape - I usually mix grape flavors, but this sucker stands out on its own quite well and has a great initial hit, as well as aftertaste - 7 - 5/10

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"thank u"
Prince Sharif on Saturday, January 31, 2015 5:44:31 PM

thank you for your outrageous low prices -

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"A flavor to never buy in from any brand"
Nicolette Reed on Monday, January 12, 2015 7:38:38 PM

Never buy grape from any of the brands they all taste the same which is bad! Some smell ok but when smoked it's just nasty!

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"Don't waste your time with this -"
Danielle Bray on Monday, December 15, 2014 8:03:00 PM

I've tried several different Fantasia flavors including Strawberry Lemonade, Firecracker, Guava Breeze, Red Lightening, and some other flavor that tasted like pineapple - It smells great but there is no flavor at all - I prefer Starbuzz!

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"Fantasia Gingerbread Review"
Jen on Saturday, December 13, 2014 4:23:35 PM

Gingerbread is a good flavor, but it's not exactly gingerbread. Kind of more like a snickerdoodle.

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"Very good taste"
Linda Butler on Sunday, September 21, 2014 4:37:36 AM

This product is very good true to taste can't beat this brand been using it for over 2 years !!

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Nykki Morse on Friday, August 29, 2014 8:19:02 PM

This is my first time trying fantasia tobacco shisha - I am a new hookah owner and have tried Voodoo, Al Fakher, and hookah hookah - Fantasia is by far a superior smoke! Super smooth, not at all harsh, and billowing clouds of vapor! All I used in the base was ice water for a fair flavor trial - This particular flavor was light, so I'll definitely add melon liqueur to my base next time - Can't wait to try the other flavors!

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