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Monster Pack (5 X Romman Coals)

Monster Pack (5 X Romman Coals)
SKU: Coal-Romman-MonsterPack(x5)

5 X 500g bags of Romman Lemonwood hookah coals More details...

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This item includes 5 bags of 500g Romman Lemonwood natural charcoal made in Jordan made from carbonized lemonwood trees. Each 500g bag will net you roughly 20-25 bowls of clean burning shisha. 

Because of the nature of these natural wood coals they will come in various sizes and may need to be broken down into smaller chunks for the ultimate hookah bowl. Simply place them on a stovetop or charcoal heater for about 5 minutes and when they turn ashy white you're good to go! 

Romman natural lemon wood coals do not leave your tobacco with any charcoal taste or odor that quick-light coals can sometimes produce. Coupled with Romman Tobacco, you’ve got the cleanest burning, best tasting hookah smoke imaginable!

Monster Pack (5 X Romman Coals) Reviews
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"Good not Great"
Ebby on Monday, October 08, 2007 11:49:14 PM

The Charcoal is great but its kind of crumbled and I had to break some of the peaces up with a big knife. If they would bring the price down a little bit or make the on it shipping free or something it would be great, but know your not getting 500 grams of useable coal. Although the lemonwood reminded me of summer nights on the beach of the caspian sea, I still would go with the Al-Ajdad coals.

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