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Clearance Torrent Hookah

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"scratch and dent" Torrent Mod Hookah

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Note: This discount Torrent hookah is being sold as is. These are air tight and 100% fully functional, but may contain cosmetic flaws that will in no way hinder how well it smokes. Examples of such flaws include chipped or scratched paint, dents, scuff marks, discolorations, or aesthetic blemishes that may be present on any component of the hookah. If you care not of such imperfections then these are the perfect hookahs for you!

All necessary components will be included (acrylic base, stem, tray, bowl, appropriate number of hoses, and grommets) but because these hookahs are on clearance, they will not come with the "freebies" advertised on our regularly-priced hookahs (tobacco, coals, carrying case, etc.). Additional discount codes cannot be applied to clearance hookahs, sorry.

For specs on this hookah, please see the Torrent Hookah page.

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