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Mya Mozza II (1 hose) Hookah

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29 inch collapsible Mya Saray Hookah Pipe with colorful glass base

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From the crafty Mya Saray comes the sequel to the Mya Mozza! The fantastic Mya Mozza II (1 hose) hookah embodies all the ingenuity of the Original Mya Mozza Hookah with a few upgrades and aesthetic improvements: 

1. The glass base is sturdier and is available in 5 different colors (instead of just clear). 
2. The central hub is larger and can accommodate up to 4 hoses (instead of just 2) with the use of Mya Hose Adapters (sold separately).
3. The stem and base are both grooved to make a unique “Roman Column” look.

Each Mya Mozza II hookah comes with a colored glass base and a 72-inch long Mya hookah hose. The bowl for this hookah is the same as the original Mozza hookah bowl - a spike in the center allows for the specially designed screen to slip over the top, allowing for full rotation on the bowl without having to move the coals with charcoal tongs.

As with the original Mya Mozza Hookah, the Mozza II will also fit on a standard wine or Champagne bottle!

The Mya Mozza II Kit includes:

1. Cylindrical carrying tin (13 inches tall)
2. Colored glass base (8.5 inches tall with a 4 inch diameter footprint)
3. Center hub (can accommodate up to 4 hoses)
4. Upper stem
5. Downstem
6. Tray
7. Bowl stem
8. Specialty ceramic Mya bowl
9. Specialty metal bowl screen
10. Mya Hookah Hose (72 inches long)
11. Mya tongs

Don't forget about the 2 50g boxes of Shisha tobacco and 16 pieces of natural coconut coals so you can smoke right out of the box!

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Mya Mozza II (1 hose) Hookah Reviews
Overall Product Feeling: Good 67%      Bad 33%
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"my first"
Alex Tusia on Friday, September 30, 2011 2:08:03 PM

I bought this hookah almost 8 months ago and it has worked great - A few corrective aspects in the deion, this is only a two hose hookah the three and four hose ports are sealed from the inside and this specific base cannot fit the heba diffuser - I replaced everything on this hookah except the base, hub, and stem and this smokes like a dream - Great start up hookah and is made of solid parts as mya is known for -

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"kinda good, kinda trouble"
Alex Mikel on Monday, July 11, 2011 5:16:25 PM

I really enjoy this hookah - When I found it, it looked nice and was exactly what I was looking for - The problem was that it was listed saying that it was a 4 hose hookah - - - when obviously its not - I was pretty upset with that part but I still liked it - My other problem has been that the bowl that came with it was weird and very small - So small that I replaced it the day I got it and haven't used it since - The plate is also very small so don't count on it to save coals from burning holes -

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"good and bad"
Alex Mikel on Sunday, May 08, 2011 4:02:18 PM

i got this a couple months ago because it was new, within my price range and looked good - The moment I opened the tin, i saw that the central piece could not be adapted - it says in the deion that you just buy hose adaptions for 3 more hoses and it'll work - But it won't - The central hub wasn't made for more then 2 hoses and that was my biggest problem with it - I generally smoke with a group so I wasn't happy with it mainly for that reason - So if you're looking for a 4 hose hookah, this is not it! Also, the tray is tiny - They said that it was fixed from the last mozza but i don't think it was - My bowl is so big that I can not just scrap the coal dust off onto the tray because the tray is too small - It wouldn't be as big of a problem if the bowl that came with it was a larger and better designed bowl - The bowl that comes with it has a piece in the middle - So the tobacco will go around the middle piece - Most of my coals standard ones are too big to sit on just one side of the bowl so i either have to break it in half or use a different bowl - All these problems I've fixed after 5 months with - I get great smoke from it, it looks great - I'm half happy with it, half not for all the trouble it is -

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