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"scratch and dent" Egyptian hookah bases

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Important: The clearance Egyptian glass hookah bases are being sold AS IS. These glass bases are functional and conform to accurate measurements, but may contain one or more of the following cosmetic imperfections:

Flaky paint
Air bubbles in the glass
• wobbliness (slight)
One or more small chips in the glass that do not compromise its overall structural integrity

These bases have been stress tested and are no less fragile or functional than our regular Egyptian Hookah Bases, but are being sold at a discount price due to the aforementioned cosmetic flaws. If you care not for such imperfections then these cheap bases are perfect for you!

If you are ordering this base for a hookah that is not one of our Egyptian Hookahs, please make sure to measure the diameter of your hookah's base grommet along with the length of your downstem to ensure that there is enough room for your hookah stem to fit snugly.

These Cearance Egyptian Hookah Bases have the following dimensions:

Tiny:  The tiny base fits our Egyptian Scarab Hookah.  It measures 7-8 inches in height and the diameter of the opening is 1.25 - 1.3 inches.

Small:  The small base fits our Egyptian Nile Hookah.  It measures 8-9 inches in height and the diameter of the opening is 1.38 - 1.4 inches.

Medium:  The medium base fits our Egyptian Sphinx Hookah.  It measures 10-11 inches in height and the diameter of the opening is 1.5 to 1.6 inches.    

Large:  The large base fits our Egyptian Pharaoh and King Tut hookahs.  It measures 11-12 inches in height and the diameter of the opening is 1.7 - 1.87 inches.

Note: Egyptian hookah glass bases are made by hand and therefore the diameter of the opening my vary slightly by a few centimeters from base to base. The replacement base that you receive may not fit your hookah shaft exactly. There are a few tricks you can do, however, that can make your hookah shaft fit more securely on the base: 

If the opening on the base you receive is slightly too wide and your hookah stem leans to one side, you can correct this by affixing electrical tape around the hookah shaft. This is explained in further detail in our Hookah Love Blog Hookah 101 – Zen and Art of Hookah Maintenance.

If the base opening is slightly too small, we recommend wetting or applying lubricant to the base grommet and “twisting” the hookah stem into the hookah base.  Boiling the rubber base grommet in hot water will soften the rubber as well so it will fit into the base more easily. 

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"Luxor Clearance Base"
Kyle Runge on Monday, May 07, 2012 4:04:52 PM

This is my video review for the Luxor base. It fit my Egyptian style hookah very well.

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