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Amira/BYO Volcano Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Amira-Volcano

The latest Amira/BYO hookah collection adds a modern touch to your lineup with a chrome finish and multiple flared section throughout the stem. This single hose setup provides a traditional smoking experience with some unique features that you won't find on a typical hookah.

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Amira Volcano Hookah

The Volcano model is manufactured with stainless and brass metals to give you a long lasting hookah setup, Amira also uses thick glass materials to ensure a sturdy foundation atop any flat surface. When you break out your new Volcano for the first smoke session there will be some new features that you may not be used to like magnets! 


The Amira Magna technology is incorporated into all of their stems to creates an airtight seal that won't leave you with any leaks.


Once you have your base water filled, place the stem over the base and lower slowly and the allow the two to connect. This magnetic connection is extremely powerful so please be careful as to what you have around during the cleaning and loading process.


The Volcano design uses a thick tempered glass to create a unique coal tray that can actually handle the heat from lit charcoals, unlike the ashtrays from a standard glass hookah that can only be used for ashing purposes. 

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