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Amira Hookah Hose Adapter

SKU: BTO-HoseAdapter-Amira

These colorful hookah hose adapters are designed to work exclusively with Amira hookahs. If you try to use this adapter with any other brand of hookah, it has a 99.9% of failure. We sometimes forget that when we invite a friend over to smoke that means we have to give up the hose, but now you and your friends can smoke at the same time.

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Amira Hookah Hose Adapter

Amira Hookah Hose Adapters Amira hookah hose adapters are finally here. You may not have been aware but many of your favorite Amira hookahs can actually be converted into a 2-hose hookah simply by adding one of these high quality stainless steel hose adapters. To top it off, you get to pick the color. To match, or not to match?  Amira Hose Adapter Color Options It's very common for manufacturers to make hose adapters for their hookahs.


Unfortunately, not all manufacturers make adapters that match the actual color of their hookahs. They're oftentimes just stainless steel with a silver finish, or potentially gold or black. That's all fine and good if your hookah shaft and base is part of that color scheme, but what if it's not? Well Amira has covered the basis for their hookahs! You'll be able to pick whatever color necessary to match with your Amira hookah.


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