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Amira Stax Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Amira-Stax

One of the most unique purge systems we've seen in the Amira hookah range comes equipped on this Stax model. The multiple color options give you a chance to match your home setup and also receive some matching accessories.

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Amira Stax Hookah

Clean lines and big clouds come with this Amira/BYO Stax hookah! The Stax has a wide tray and a slim, simple downstem for a really clean look! The hose with match the downstem and tray color perfectly for a streamlined aesthetic. The hose will come with a support spring to ensure your silicone hose doesn't kink and also features a space grade aluminum handle!


The base on the Stax is very wide to provide a very sturdy platform. The Stax hookah will come with a traditional Egyptian style clay bowl for even heat distribution.

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