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Amira Trojan Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Amira-Trojan

Despite what it's name suggests, if you peek inside this hookah you won't find a wooden horse cleverly disguised to get ancient Greek soldiers into the city of Troy. Instead, you'll find a quality hookah that allows for delicious flavor and large clouds.

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Amira Trojan Hookah

We categorize this Amira Trojan hookah as a desktop hookah as it stands at 18" and won't interfere with any daily work, in fact it may increase productivity. We've been known to have a few hookahs going in the warehouse while we help you place an order, or even while packing one up. It's not to have something compact that you can trust to perform.


This hookah features a stainless steel downstem that is resistant to flavor ghosting, a stainless steel tray, shaft, and hose adapters. This helps keep the hookah resistant to corrosion and allows for easy cleaning. It also comes with an unglazed clay bowl and an entirely washable aluminum and silicone hose.

The glass base that comes with the Trojan hookah is made of heavy, thick glass that tapers down to provide a wider bottom which allows for greater stability in this desktop hookah.

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