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AO Silicone Diffuser from Germany

SKU: BTO-AO-Diffuser-Silicone

AO Silicone Diffuser

✓ LESS NOISE - The diffuser provides smaller bubbles, resulting in a more pleasant and quieter smoking experience.

✓ LESS VIBRATIONS - The smaller bubbles also reduce vibrations, making the hookah quieter in general.

✓ SUITABLE FOR ANY WATER PIPE - The diffuser adapts to almost any water pipe thanks to the silicone.

✓ EASY TO INSTALL - The AO diffuser is easily attached to the end of the water pipe. Due to the silicone used, this sits firmly on the pipe even when wet.

✓ VISUAL HIGHLIGHT - The AO diffuser dresses your hookah perfectly and is definitely a colorful eye-catcher. The AO diffuser reduces noise while smoking, resulting in a pleasant quiet smoking session; it also reduces vibrations. The silicone diffuser can be easily attached to almost any water pipe and has a firm grip (for dip pipes from about 14 mm).

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