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AO Flat Tip Glass Hookah Hose Germany

SKU: BTO-Hose-AO-Glass-Flat

AO Glass Mouthpiece Set Liner XL Flat

✓ COMPLETE HOSE SET - The set consists of a mouthpiece as well as a hose connector with an 18/8 cut glass and a high-quality, color-matching silicone hose.

✓ IDEAL SHAPE - The end of the AO glass mouthpiece has a flat tapered shape and thus fits even better to your lips.

✓ TASTE NEUTRALITY - The glass of mouthpiece and hose connector guarantees taste neutrality.

✓ SOFT-TOUCH SURFACE - The processed silicone of the hose is extremely flexible, soft, durable and easy to clean. Dust and lint are less noticeable on the matte surface.

✓ ADORABLE OPTICS - A hose set from the hose connector to the mouthpiece made of high-quality materials and coordinated colors. Want to watch how the smoke from your shisha flows through the hose connection and the mouthpiece? The AO glass mouthpiece will inspire you. The glass mouthpiece becomes transparent towards the end of the mouthpiece and the flattening of the shape makes it fit your lips even better. The glass tube connector has an 18/8 cut, which firmly connects the tube to the tube adapter. The 150cm long silicone tube is color matched perfectly to the mouthpiece and is therefore non-magnetic, less lint and dust particles stick to it.

Included in the package:

- 1x glass mouthpiece Liner XL Flat

- 1x hose connection 18/8

- 1x Soft-Touch silicone hose

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