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AO Premium Stainless Steel HMD from Germany


The perfect HMD (Heat Management Device) from AO.

- Fits on many trendy heads

- 360° knurling for optimal grip

- Heavy duty, high quality stainless steel and great packaging

- Easy to transport even when hot with standard charcoal tongs

- Circular elevations on the bottom ensure even burning of the coals

- Thick bottom reduces rapid burning of tobacco

- Ideal air circulation thanks to slits in the bottom

The HMD is ideal as a phunnel attachment. But it can also be used with a multi-hole head without any problems. The incorporated circular relief at the bottom ensures evenly burning coals. The eight slots at the bottom ensure an optimal draught. The elongated holes do not stick even with moist tobacco and continue to provide a super draft. When hot, it can be easily transported with standard charcoal tongs thanks to the slot. Dimensions: Height: approx. 2.0 cm Outer diameter: 7,4 cm Inner diameter: approx. 6.0 cm

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