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AO Badcha Strainer from Germany

SKU: BTO-AO-Strainer-Badcha

AO Strainer stainless steel fireplace attachment

✓ REGULATE HEAT EASILY - Perfect heat regulation made easy. On the strainer, the coals always find the right distance from the tobacco.

✓ EASY TO SET UP - Simply place on the tobacco head, put on the coals and you're ready to go!

✓ NO ALUMINUM FOIL - The chimney top replaces the aluminum foil. It can be placed on the head without any further effort.

✓ HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - Top stainless steel is rustproof, extremely heat resistant and tasteless.

✓ PERFECT FOR HEATING - A chimney top provides even heat distribution and allows you to reach higher temperatures.

The AO Strainer chimney top stainless steel makes the construction of your setup easy as pie: No more tearing off, tightening and folding of aluminum foil, simply place the chimney top on the tobacco head, coals on top, done! The use of a chimney top makes it possible to reach higher temperatures at the same time. After the session, the stainless steel can be easily rinsed under running water.


- Overall height: 8cm

- Diameter strainer outside: ca. 9cm

- Diameter head attachment inside: approx. 6 - 6.8cm (tapered)

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