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AO Cylinder Grated Wind Covers Germany

SKU: BTO-WindCover-AO

AO Laminator Windcover

✓ The AO Laminator windcover prevents charcoal from falling and thus also unwelcome burn holes in the floor.

✓ The wire mesh has a high-quality finish and is equipped with edge protection.

✓ It facilitates smoking in windy conditions, but does not reduce the smoking fun.

✓ The windbreak is not only practical, but also an eye-catcher.

You like to smoke in the fresh air, but the wind and the falling coals are annoying? The laminator prevents the coals from falling to the ground and makes it easier to smoke in the wind. In addition, thanks to the grid, you no longer have to deal with the flying away aluminum foil, where you end up just burning your fingers. The high-quality processed edges guarantee a safe handling and an improved stability. The handling is very easy, just put the windshield on the finished head and the smoking fun can begin. Of course, you can wrap aluminum foil around the laminator and thus have the perfect protection, no matter how strong it winds.


Height: approx. 25 cm

Diameter: approx. 11 cm

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