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Apple On Top Hookah Bowl

SKU: BTO-Bowl-AppleOnTop

It looks like an apple, but don't eat it or you'll be seeing the dentist sooner than planned. The silicone exterior is always cool to the touch and the aluminum core will never have a drop of shisha stuck to it. This hybrid blend of aesthetics and function comes to you from the friendly folks at AppleOnTop, we're thinking the company name was decided after the bowls creation.

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Apple On Top Aluminum Hookah Bowl

  • Height - 3"
  • Diameter - 2.75"
  • Holds 15g-20g of shisha tobacco
  • Includes metal charcoal screen

This innovative hookah bowl takes hookah smoking to the next level. The Apple On Top Hookah Bowl features an aluminum core with a vortex-style design that makes your hookah tobacco last longer and taste better.  Surrounding the core is silicone sleeve that makes this bowl cool to the touch and easy to handle.


It also has a specialty stabilized screen and wind guard that can be easily rotated with the leaf-shaped handle which makes heat management much easier. The bottom hole is much deeper than standard hookah bowls which makes it fit securely on practically any hookah.  This unbreakable hookah bowl delivers the fullest hookah smoking experience imaginable!


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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