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Apple On Top Perch Charcoal Screen

SKU: BTO-Tray-Appleontop

Now introducing the Apple On Top (AOT) Perch charcoal tray and bowl screen! Intended as a replacement for aluminum foil, this tray sits right on top and over your bowl creating a "screen" that separates your shisha and charcoal. The hole in the middle allows the tray to fit perfectly with the AOT Silicone bowl. In addition, you can also use the Provost HMD in conjunction with the tray by placing the Provost lid right on top!

Color: Silver
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Apple On Top Perch Charcoal Screen

While mainly designed with the AOT Provost and bowl in mind, the Perch tray will also work with most standard bowls on the market! Once you're done packing the shisha into your bowl of choice, just place the Perch tray right on top, no foil required!


The widened "rim" of the tray also extends out to create a convenient place to ash your coals and helps catch any coals that may fall or roll off your bowl.


*The AOT Perch Charcoal Tray does not come with a bowl included*

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