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Apple On Top Provost Heat Manager

SKU: BTO-Misc-Appleontop-Provost

The Provost was created with the use of a high grade stainless steel metal, and it was crafted with the knowledge of high temperature from hookah charcoal. This product can be used with 3-4 pieces of flat natural hookah charcoal, and depending on your packing method 2 coals may do the trick. The Provost can be cleaned with water or a gentle cleaner, and if you have any harder stains/marks, they can be removed with tougher cleaning pad and hot water.

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Apple On Top Provost Heat Management System

One of the greatest addition to your Apple on Top hookah bowl, is without a doubt the Provost heat management controller. The Provost fits the anodized aluminum rim of the AOT bowl perfectly. This Provost device can also be used as a wind cover for smoking outside, and with the included green handle, you can adjust how much heat you want in your session.


Despite looking like a product that would only work with the Apple On Top bowl, this Provost can be used with just about any bowl on the market. If you are smoking outside or just looking for a easy heat management device, and you don't want to use the Apple On Top.


Place the Provost right on top of your tinfoil after you finish with your hole punching, and after 3-5 minutes your session will be ready to start. This device will act as a barrier against some charcoal particles and ash, which results in a cleaner smoking experience.

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