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B2 F-22 Hookah Shaft

SKU: BTO-Shaft-B2-F22

B2 F-22 Hookah Package Includes:
- B2 F-22, 21" CNC Machined aerospace grade 6061 aluminum alloy modular stem
-A matching F-22 anodized aluminum coal tray
-Included B2 metal tip washable hookah hose
-Custom cut B2 carrying box
-Wide gauge downstem
-Removable diffuser
-Multiple color options available!

(This stem does not include a base)

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Based in the USA, the B2 Hookah company has become a famous name in the hookah industry that is synonymous with both quality and beauty. Due to every piece of their pipes being designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US their craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none; however they have not always been the most affordable hookahs out there..that is until now! Driven to become a household name for all shisha smokers, B2 has created their F-22 hookah model! CNC machined, using high quality aluminum alloy, the F-22 showcases B2's level of quality in a more cost effective package.

What should you expect with the F-22? The original B2 shaft has been a member of our lineup for many years now and we have heard nothing but praise for its precise, aluminum stem. The F-22 shares the same level of craftsmanship and elegance, just with a more affordable, streamlined design! This new shaft is once again crafted with the use of a CNC machine to create pin-point accurate cuts and symmetrical decorative banding. It utilizes domestic 6061 aerospace grade aluminum alloy as its primary material that is finished with tough anodizing for a durable exterior. The smooth, anodized exterior of the F-22 stem allows for a variety of color options to be made and available, but most importantly it provides a strong, scratch resistant coating that helps protect against rust and water corrosion. Of course, we always recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying your hookah regularly, as prolonged water exposure can affect and damage even the highest quality of metal, however with proper maintenance, the F-22 will provide you with exceptional smoke sessions for years to come.

What about features? As one can expect from B2 Hookahs, this piece includes many of the same features as their previous models, just with a couple minor twists. The wide-gauge down stem provides an effortless pull that delivers thick clouds with ease, and the removable diffuser adds an additional level of smoothness to your sessions. Is a diffuser not your style? No worries, just unscrew it from the down stem and set it aside.

You may also notice the lack of a traditional "purge valve" extruding from this stem. That's because it's a built-in design instead. There's a wide horizontal opening on the side of the F-22 "hub" or "heart," and it's here that your smoke will shoot out when purging. All it takes is a light blow into the hose and all that harsh or stale smoke should easily clear from the base with one exhale.

Did any of you detail oriented folks notice anything else that's missing? That's right, the hose port! Rather than a hose port that sticks out of the hub, B2 bored a port directly into the hub that is compatible with a wide variety of hookah hoses. Your stem will come with a lightweight, flexible, and totally washable B2 silicone hose that features a slim metal tip. This thoughtful detail allows you to insert the hose right into the hub opening, ensuring an airtight fit. If you have a favorite hose in your collection, don't worry you'll be able to plug it right in with the use of a grommet without any issue!

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