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B2 Reaper Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-B2-Reaper

After releasing one seriously head turning hookah shaft, B2 Hookahs is back at it again with version 3 of the bite sized Reaper hookah. This 11" travel-sized hookah pipe is crafted with the same high quality 6061 grade aluminum metal as their full size stem. Your future with this hookah will not include rust or corrosion and thanks to the heavyweight core it has great stability.

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B2 Reaper Hookah

The Reaper is designed with a wide gauge down-stem and features a built in diffuser that delivers thick clouds of smoke with each smooth pull. The stem easily disassembles making it easier than ever to travel with your hookah and get your smoke wherever you are. It even makes cleaning a breeze!


B2 crafts each stem with extreme precision only available through the use of CNC lathe machines. The durable anodized coating allows for a variety of color options that won't fade. Every Reaper is manufactured in California and features a unique serial number to ensure you receive a one of a kind piece.


The B2 Reaper bundle comes with a variety of exciting new accessories! First, you'll receive a simple, yet gorgeous glass base that features subtle gold detailing and is compatible with the Reaper's unique hub design. No need to worry about any wobble from the base either, as its wide bottom ensures complete stability during your session.

On top of the glass base, you'll also receive a washable B2 silicone hookah hose with an aluminum handle that matches your stem color! The black, soft-touch silicone tubing can be thoroughly washed with hot water (or lemon juice) after each smoke session to eliminate previously smoked flavors; allowing each pull of smoke to be filled with the full flavor of your shisha.

And last but not least, you will receive a redesigned B2 aluminum charcoal tray that is color-matched to your stem, along with base and hose grommets that will guarantee airtight seals at each connection point.

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