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B2 SS-Inox Hookah Shaft

SKU: BTO-Shaft-B2-SSInox-Hookah

B2 SS-INOX Hookah Package Includes: -Coal tray rim available in: Gun Metal, Red, or Black -B2 SS-INOX shaft -B2 metal tip hookah hose -New custom cut B2 carrying box -High quality domestic 304 stainless steel -Wide gauge downstem -Removable diffuser

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Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at a historic moment within the hookah market. The B2 Hookah company is not only based in the US, but they also manufacture all their equipment stateside. It's not the cheapest route but they've established themselves as a company that takes pride in being an "American Made" brand. They don't cut corners. Over the past few years, they've wanted to tackle a particular feat that several hookah enthusiast voiced desire for loudly. An America made, all stainless steel, modern hookah pipe! This took some time and a lot of R&D but B2 is ready to present to the world their latest design, the B2 SS-Inox. The first American made stainless steel hookah! What's New With B2? We've carried the original B2 shaft for many years now and have heard the joy from many of the recipients. Their first shaft is crafted from aerospace grade Aluminum to create a light weight feel and it's adjustable. For this new design B2 knew the cost of material would be almost triple of the cost of their aluminum, so the design had to be right in order to keep the price attainable. This new minimal approach yielded a design unseen before with unique features. This new shaft is once again crafted with the use of a CNC machine to create pin-point accurate cuts and symmetrical decorative banding. This Inox shaft uses domestic 304 stainless steel and it packs a serious punch. You can expect to feel some weight when you go to pick this bad boy up, as it's almost 3 times the density of Aluminum. The Inox material also has double the tensile strength in comparison to the Aluminum counterpart. We're basically saying this hookah is prepared for war/wear and rust, plus aid in some sort of defense during a home invasion. B2 SS-Inox Features We mentioned new features on this model, now let's tell the folks at home what we're talking about. Did you get a close look at the hub of this shaft? You'll notice something is missing...or is it? The purge valve doesn't protrude like a classic hookah design, instead it's a built-in design. There's a wide horizontal opening on top of the Inox heart, and it's here where you'll find your purged smoke escaping. Those CNC machines come in handy for the purge area to create the perfect dimensions in relation to the hose and purge ports. This perfected opening size was developed with close thought about the wide gauge downstem. In the end you've got a effortless purge that should clear with one exhale and a super comfortable inhale. Did you also notice the other thing that isn't sticking out? That's right, it's the hose port. Your Inox shaft will come with a B2 hose that features a slim metal tip, it's light weight and super flexible. This useful piece inserts right into the side of the hub at the horizontal opening with a tight fit. If you have a favorite hose in your collection, don't worry you'll be able to plug it right end with the use of a grommet. Are you ready for the next level? This is next level. Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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