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Berrys Lemonade Social Smoke Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-SocialSmoke-CustomMix-03

We've seen many mixes with lemonade as the primary flavor that call for a single note fruit flavor as the secondary. What are we doing here? That's boring. We don't want a drop of fruit in our tart lemonade drink. We need something that stands out and provokes deep thought within your taste buds.

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Berry's Lemonade Social Smoke Custom Shisha Mix

Sit on down; I'd like for you to have a sip of Berry's Lemonade (patent pending #0923424803). This is another 2 flavor blend but it tastes like so much more. We're using the sweet tooth flavor Blue Raspberry as the mixer with our Pink Lemonade.


If you don't want a bowl that's too tart, we recommend using a little more of the Blue Raspberry. Try it side-by-side with foil or mix it up a little bit before putting it in a bowl that's utilizing a HMD.

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