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Black Diamond Dual Sided Mouth Tips

SKU: BTO-Mouthtip-DualSided

Black Diamond Dual Sided Mouth Tips come in a mixed color multi-pack with 100 mouth tips. These are perfect for large group setting or a nice feature for your guest when they want to smoke with you. Grab a bowl and fill it up with some tips and give your home lounge some perks.

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Black Diamond Dual Sided Mouthtip

These hookah hose tips are the perfect grab for any hookah party for 3 big reasons:


Compatibility - The Black Diamond Tips are "Dual-Sided", meaning that one end tapers to narrow point to be used as a male or inside fitting tip, while the back end opens up wide enough to be used on hookah hoses that require a female or outstide fitting tip.


Comfort - Black Diamond tips are made using a firm but flexible plastic, so they hold their shape, maintaining good airflow, but are soft on the mouth and extremely comfortable.


Fun - The bright colors of the 100 piece bag are perfect for parties, where eveyone can keep track of their colored mouth piece!

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