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BYO Adele Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-BYO-Adele

BYO Adele Hookah Snapshot -Height: 22" -Included washable Wand silicone hose -CNC machined, aerospace grade aluminum exterior -Stainless steel interior down stem -Built-in diffuser -Includes a clay phunnel hookah bowl -Twist-to-lock base design -Multiple color options available -Includes our free gifts as noted below Looking for a budget friendly, modern option for your next hookah pipe? Look no further than the BYO Adele. This hookah is crafted with aerospace grade aluminum on the outside, and on the inside -will be a high quality stainless steel down stem. This means your stem will be resistant to flavor ghosting, corrosion, and staining, with proper maintenance, ensuring a fresh session every time.

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Included Accessories On top of the contemporary stem design, the BYO Adele features a wide bottom, ultra stable base that is color matched to your stem. Made from high quality glass, it will also contain BYO's patented "twist-to-lock" base technology, ensuring a perfectly airtight stem connection without having to bother with traditional base grommets. You will also receive a totally washable BYO Wand hose that is made from medical grade silicone tubing. The hose handle is also matched with the color of your stem for added style coordination. Since this hose is completely washable, you'll be able to keep your sessions tasting better and fresher than ever by running hot water through your hose to wash out any residual or "ghosted" shisha flavors. Is there a particularly stained flavor that won't come out with water? Try using lemon juice to clean inside the hose, making sure to fully rinse it out with water before use. On top of all this, you'll also be getting a clay BYO phunnel style hookah bowl, an included coal tray, all the necessary bowl and hose grommets, as well as our usual free gifts! BYO Smoke Quality A modern finish is cool and all, but if you can't get a great smoke session then there's no reason to pick it up, right? Well BYO took the smooth inhale route and ended up with a wide-gauge down stem at the bottom of the shaft that allows for maximum airflow. For added smoothness, this hookah will also feature a built-in diffuser that helps reduce the noise from the "rumble" when smoking. This hookah comes as a single hose model, however it can easily be converted into a 2 hose model with the addition of an Amira/BYO hookah hose adapter! FREE WITH THIS HOOKAH: * 50g Box of shisha * 1 box (or roll) of hookah charcoal * Foil pack * Tongs * Cleaning brush Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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